History of Xinkai

In 1984 the company was established, aimed at repair work and refurbishment of machinery. And in 1992 with the participation of renowned Hong Kong company "Sungsang development" on the basis of this enterprise was a joint venture.

For some ten years, the company, thanks to the tireless work and very heroic efforts of the personnel has become one of the most powerful and successful automotive corporations. It includes trade and monetary structure of the company and domestic use.

In 1999 automobile concern "Sinky" was renamed automotive Corporation. He was awarded the status of "Enterprise of the second category".

The history of this car company has more than ten years. In 1999 there was a complete reorganization of the entire production with strong investment and skilled management one of the famous Hong Kong financial and industrial companies.

The car brand XINKAI are manufactured according to the newest and latest technology, all components and assemblies are manufactured under license from the famous Japanese automakers. They all have high quality and technical level. Now XINKAI automobile group occupies a leading position in terms of increasing production and exports among all Asian car manufacturers.

The products of the automotive group is exported to many countries of the world and is certified under the international ISO-9000.

Photo Gallery of Xinkai