History of Yamaha

For someone world famous brand Yamaha is a high performance motorcycles, snowmobiles, watercraft, and scooters. And for artists, Yamaha is primarily musical instruments: pianos, guitars and modern drum kit. It is a Grand piano Yamaha prefers the popular singer and composer Elton John, constantly "pulling" tool on tour with him.

It is remarkable, but the story of the famous brand began over a hundred years ago. This is one of the oldest corporations in the world, which was founded by Torakusu Yamaha. Until 1887 Torakusu Yamaha worked as a repairman of medical instruments. One day he approached one man asking me to fix the reed organ. Torakusu went to work, which so fascinated to master that soon he started to produce parts to construct a reed organ, which the master has sent for examination at the Tokyo national University of fine arts and music. In General, the experts commended the work of Torakusu, however, revealed a number of shortcomings, in particular, the body was badly configured. The conclusions of experts encouraged Torakusu to a deeper study of musical theory, and after four months of hard work the master was able to improve his creation. In the same year Torakusu Yamaha founded the industrial production of musical instruments made of wood, and in 1892 his production went for export to South-East Asia. Five years later, in the province of Kyushu to Torakusu Yamaha became President of Nippon Gakki Co (means "Japanese musical instruments"), and only in 1987 to celebrate the centenary of the company decided to rename to "Yamaha".

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Japanese Ministry of education pays for the trip to Torakusu Yamaha in USA for studying the process of production of the piano. In 1900 the company Nippon Gakki Co publishes the first piano, and two years later constructed the first piano. In 1904 the Japanese musical instruments received the Grand Prix at the prestigious international exhibition in St. Louis. The popularity of Yamaha musical instruments began to grow by leaps and bounds, especially after Sviatoslav Richter himself recognized the Yamaha pianos are the best.

In 20-ies of the last century on the place of fire, and then the earthquake happened. Nippon Gakki Co became a "fever" until such time as the company was not invited to work with a talented Manager of Kaichi Kawakami, which all debts were paid, and in 1930 he opened acoustic laboratory and our own research centre.

The second world war has temporarily suspended its operations, however in the second half of the forties with the help of USA Nippon Gakki Co resumes production of xylophones, harmonicas, trumpets, accordions, guitars and other instruments.

In 1948 in Japan adopted a law according to which in all schools entered musical education for children. This situation only improved the situation in the company, giving it a good push for further business development. Since 1954 Yamaha opened his own music school in Japan, which are practiced all methods of musical education, and in 1964, this school appears and in the USA. Today, Yamaha Music School exist in many countries of the world.

In 60-ies of the Yamaha is experiencing an unprecedented leap of piano sales, which reached the mark of 100 thousand units. Thus, Yamaha was able to beat your competitors, becoming the largest manufacturer of pianos in the world.

Photo Gallery of Yamaha

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