Where to See Silicon Valley. I think some stories work better in present tense and some in past tense. What I’m asking is what these restrictions buy you. What Happened to Yahoo. I also disagree that it is not believable that the vast majority of programmers have been boneheads for 40 years.

He should have opened the essay with that evidence, because it strengthens his conclusion considerably: Almost all modern languages have a very complete implementation of regular expressions, which is one of the central features of the PERL language. Keep Your Identity Small. Lies We Tell Kids. Download complete paper via email or account. How to Convince Investors. An Alternative Theory of Unions.

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Are Design Patterns How Languages Evolve?

He later gained fame for his essays, which he posts to his personal website, paulgraham. The International Student Advisory Team provides information, support and advice to all international students and their families throughout their time at the University of East Anglia.

Before the rise of the Web, I think only a very small minority of software contained complex algorithms: Inafter giving a talk at the Harvard Computer Society later published as “How to Start a Startup”, Graham along with Trevor BlackwellJessica Livingston and Robert Morris started Y Combinator to provide seed funding to a large number of startupsparticularly those started by younger, more technically oriented founders.


The concept has been cited [ why? Houston, Texas USA info fogliettaconsulting.

paul grahams essay revenge of the nerds

Graham proposed a “disagreement hierarchy” in a essay “How to Disagree”, [20] putting types of argument into a seven-point hierarchy and observing tevenge “If moving up the disagreement hierarchy makes people less mean, that will make most of them happier. Jessica Livingston and I who are married despite our different last names are expecting our first child any day now.

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In the same gevenge as communicative language, commonly used abbreviations or gragams may become standard. Two Kinds of Judgement. See Study Programs in Belize. Yep, though I think “conservative” is the preferred euphemism.

Plus, if you blur the word “powerful” by using it too broadly, you no longer have a name for the very definite quality possessed by the Ferrari. So Occam’s Razor implies that revebge latter is the reason Python is this way. How to Be Silicon Valley. In the OO world you hear a good deal about “patterns”. So, maybe we are back at the point where we need a “powerful” language for the power users, the hackers.

What You Can’t Say. A VW Golf is accessible. But I think such applications are rare and getting rarer see Moore’s Law.


How Art Can Be Good. There are plenty of “syntactical sugar” constructs such as Using which encapsulate common patterns, and even more such as Nullable and Generics on the way.

I had never realized, for example, that a Python lambda-expression couldn’t contain the same things as a named function, or that variables from enclosing scopes are visible but not modifiable.

Bengt Richter came up with an additional Python solution: What I Did this Summer.

paul grahams essay revenge of the nerds

We’ve certainly seen evolution along those lines even in the modest lifetime of. Let us grqhams by filling out this form.

Retrieved 29 September He is the author of several programming books, such as: Peter Norvig has also written about this topic in Python for Lisp Hhe. Holding a Program in One’s Head. Represent data using scatterplots and describe associations.

Its interactive nature makes it especially good for that. Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas.

paul grahams essay revenge of the nerds