It has helped to build up my confidence and develop me as a person. My first opportunity to teach was provided by the Community Service Scheme at Southwark School, which was one of the necessary requirements for the Gold Certificate I as awarded. This could significantly harm your chances of securing a place on a course. I had the opportunity at my second position at Fairgrove Junior School, to instruct my own group of pupils when I taught recorder lessons in the afternoon breaks. Job sectors Apprenticeships Working abroad Gap year Self-employment. If you graduated more than 5 years ago, you may not need to supply an academic referee. International students Parents and family Applicants New students.

Explain the skills you gained serving customers, working in a busy team, being tactful when handling complaints etc. Teacher training and education. The click and instant message of a PC no longer demands of growing youths the reality of patience and persistence to get the result. University of Kent Careers and Employability Service. One of your references will need to be from an employer, or someone who can comment on your work ethic and suitability for teaching.

Your personal statement is used to explain why you want to become a teacher and your suitability for the role. What are my strengths?

I would also like to teach because doing so would give me the flexibility of being able to spend time during the school holidays with my own children while they are still ucae. International expertise Business services Collaborative projects Consultancy Facilities Employability points.

primary pgce personal statement ucas

By doing this, it made me more confident and competent in what I was going to do with the children within the event. I observed lessons such as English, maths, Spanish, science and art, listened to pupils read, and went on to work with small groups.

Job sectors Apprenticeships Working abroad Gap year Self-employment. The nature of your personal statement will vary, depending on the type of teaching you’d like to pursue.


However, it was important to come across in the right manner and tone, without being rude or aggressive. Find out what you’ll need to include in your teaching personal statement to impress training providers and gain a place on your ideal teaching course What is a teaching personal statement? I used a lot of imagination to maximise motivation, using original games, so that although we were working it would appear more like fun.

My third experience was provided by Barnstaple College when I worked as an assistant teacher in music lessons at Key Lane Secondary School. Search graduate jobs Job profiles Work experience and internships Employer profiles What job would suit me?

primary pgce personal statement ucas

In these demanding personaal I participated in planning the overall structure of the whole course, in addition to preparing lesson plans for my own classes. Job sectors Apprenticeships Working abroad Gap year Self-employment.

Discuss teaching styles used and the use of technology. Now, through my placement, I have developed a passion for teaching and instructing which has led me to apply for this course. Luckily, orimary all training providers are looking for similar information from you, this shouldn’t be a problem. For example, one child never took part in his physical education sessions at school but I managed to get him joining in the assessed event.

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Why do I want to teach? The event included children attending special needs schools, which meant that I was able to develop my experience in working with special needs children.

I chose to specialise in Key Stages 1 and 2 as I feel it is demanding but hugely rewarding to work with children at this vital formative period in their educational development.

Example personal statement for PGCE primary In my early education, reading and writing were a challenge, at the age of nine I received a diagnosis of dyslexia bringing with it extra support from the school.



My motivation for teaching comes from personal experience of wanting to make a difference. For primary, you’ll need at least a month’s experience. Working as a special needs assistant in an ordinary primary international school was equally rewarding. I have enjoyed three periods of teaching.

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I needed many of the skills I had seen in the classroom to be an excellent counsellor and I was able to use my singing skills to set up a choir who performed to the rest of the camp. What can I do with my degree? Explain the skills you gained serving customers, working in a busy team, being tactful when handling complaints etc. We live in an information age where traditional teaching methods can be unsuccessful.

primary pgce personal statement ucas

In the working world, job appraisal is now a routine event involving self evaluation, reflection and critical assessment of performance. Training providers will contact your second referee directly persohal they want a second reference.

I also elected to take a non-compulsory module in human biology in the foundation year of my course because I wanted to have a good grounding in this before confronting it in core modules.

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I am inspired to teach because of the freedom to be creative in the work place and the potential for spontaneity. Pimary learned a great deal from the classes and as a teacher I hope to continue discovering and learning along with my students.