It is a guessing game segment and a reincarnation of the Guhit Bulaga segment. Retrieved 11 August Dabarkads Pa More – Facebook”. Alden visits Yaya Dub, AlDub takes first photo”. Practice Pa More – Facebook”. She wants to bring Yaya and her sisters over to the studio on Saturday so she can formally introduce Yaya to the rest of the Dabarkads.

There were subgroups which had primary goals such as hashtag trendsetters that sets up hashtags for the day to be used during the show, statistics to monitor tweet counts, hashtag policies that guards the fandom by making sure that they use the correct hashtag and its spelling, and its fandom and character parody accounts that help the fandom to communicate and keep on tweeting. The studio hosts pick a random number. The Letter That Launched A Each competitor may display different styles of dancing and is accompanied by a well-known dance group. Retrieved 11 May

problem solving eat bulaga june 4 2015

Performances are judged by hosts in the studio. Retrieved 25 October Frankie asks Yaya Dub that if she cannot love him, then at least let him love her. We are trying to maintain the spontaneity because that is a big part of its charm.

Pogi is a spin-off from the signature Eat Bulaga! Nidora ublaga and thanks Alden for the chicharon and the flowers that she received. As part of their 40th anniversary celebration, Eat Bulaga! Retrieved 14 April A terrified Yaya Dub is then shown, probleem forced to eat and scolded by the apparent abductor.

If the people in the Takbuhan portion are behaved and organized and all of the numbered spots are filled in, then the barangay is entered in the Barangay Bayanihan portion for a chance to win helpful supplies and equipment for the betterment of the barangay community. Later, Divina arrives, all packed and ready to go.


This incident just proved once again how homosexuality is far more clean than Eat Bulaga and its hosts’ opinions will ever be. Retrieved 27 April Before Yaya heads to the studio, the Lolas give her some final advice. In general, the AlDub Nation has established fan club chapters coming from the Philippines and abroad. Community, family, and old-fashioned values”.

Timow’s Turf

The mystery caller continues to send the team on a wild goose chase, causing Nidora to hyperventilate. Contestants must be 12 years old or below to join the singing contest. Due to the AlDub phenomenon, Eat Bulaga!

Bayanihan of d’ Pipol segment searches for a sari-sari store who sells multiple Eveready products on a certain barangay. nulaga

problem solving eat bulaga june 4 2015

Later, Alden manages to complete the challenge and runs towards the stage, but by then Yaya Dub is already at the exit about to flee from the Broadway studio. Its August 12, episode, which showcased a Cinderella -like story and the near-meeting of Richards and Mendoza, posted a rating of Its September 5 episode, the day when Richards and Mendoza finally saw money homework reception other for the first time, registered a rating of Its September 19 and September 26 episodes, the first and second dates of AlDub, garnered ratings of These episodes were also the first times that Eat Bulaga!

Two groups of celebrity competitors face a series of exciting challenges and obstacles in the swimming pool. Retrieved 28 October Retrieved 5 May Sorita says that many can relate to Yaya Dub’s situation, portrayed as an ordinary woman who hopes for someone popular or a ” prince charming ” Alden Richards to notice her.


Acting Workshop – Facebook”.


Nidora tells her granddaughter that she can still find true love regardless of her social or educational background and physical appearance. The segment was hosted by Tito Solvinng and the late Helen Vela. The ten winners of the competition became the original members of the new dance group that officially debuted in the show in August The new edition is a singing competition in search of a lead vocalist for the Music Hero Band.

problem solving eat bulaga june 4 2015

Nidora looks for Alden as he needs to be there at the house to retrieve the box of jewellery. On October 24,the couple finally got to meet properly without hindrances through Eat Bulaga!

Isadora also explains that Nidora is strict to Yaya because she doesn’t want Yaya to be like Ursula, who was bulaba aggressive and impulsive when she hastily fell in love with Dodong, a gardener in the Zobeyala household. The winner will win prizes such as gift packs from All Day.