The problem to be solved or decision to be taken may exist in the context of either public policy or stra- tegic management in an organization. The practice based research strategy is very favorable on the criteria of comprehensibility and acceptance of the results. Our definition of practice oriented research is that it involves all research that is performed with the primary aim to support a practical problem to be solved or a decision to be taken. Examples of qualitative data-based research strategies with the same aim are the comparative case study Yin and the qualitative survey Verschuren The development of methodological criteria is directed towards the community of practice oriented researchers and methodologists, either working in universities or in professional research agencies. As we argued comprehensibility of the results calls for common sense and clear language.

Moreover, it often calls for integration of knowledge that is acquired in different areas of science or by different functional specializations. Qual Quant Click here for free trial login. This may explain why qualitative data based research, with its emphasis on using the natural language of respondents, is second in line here. Search in Text Entries Starts With With a practical problem, as contrasted to a theoretical problem, we mean a problem that calls for an intervention or a new artifact, in order to change reality in a desired direction.

Constructing the global corporation and corporate constructions of the global: In this study we stjdy it more broadly as whether a proposition is valid for the target population or sample that has been studied and not for a broader population. In further research we recommend to differentiate internal validity into various sub criteria and dimensions. On evaluating the performance of problem structuring methods: In contrast; the practical utility of these research results is much more important than in theory oriented research.

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Quantitative analysis in case study hubert korzilius / research paper writing

Examples of quantitative data based research strategies that may support practice oriented research are the large-scale survey Dillmanpanel and trend research and the laboratory and field experiment Cook and Campbell Also reliability is less significant, since repeating a measurement is practical not feasible. First, quantiitative definition of practice oriented research is given, that distinguishes participatory research strategies from traditional data based strate- gies.

quantitative analysis in case study hubert korzilius

Back Institutional Login Please choose from an option shown below. Practice based research, where stakeholders are involved in the research process and knowl- edge production is found to be the best in comprehensibility and acceptance of the results.

A corpus linguistics-based approach. Verifiability refers to the possibility for others than the researcher and the participants to check how the research was done and how the results were achieved. The grammar of korzilius design. This criterion differs from the classical criterion of reliability; since verifiability emphasizes the openness and transparency of the knowledge production in practice oriented research. Knowledge can be derived either from literature or directly from experts. Interdisciplinarity is one of the main advanta- ges of the use of participative research strategies as compared to mainstream data based research.

Verifiability Verifiability refers to the possibility for others than the researcher and the participants to check how the research was done and how the results were achieved. In case b the participants are experts who are selected on the basis of their analysks expertise with regard to the problem to be addressed. Delphi studies are also used to involve stakeholders in organizations Dijk cse In participatory research strategies only the involvement of experts is auantitative.

For practice oriented research external validity is of less importance than for theory building, since the knowledge is primarily devel- oped for a specific case. Yet, socioeconomic status is very difficult to manipulate and it is therefore not effective to improve the school results of low socioeconomic status children.


Houghton Mifflin, Boston Corbin, J. Quantitative Analysis in Case Study.

Quantitative Analysis in Case Study

It presupposes that not all relevant options are recognized, articulated or are taken into account equally Janis ; Rouwette ; Sterman On the contrary, others argue that participatory research produces internally valid knowledge because it is the result of consent between the people involved.

Some experts indicated that this criterion is especially important for supporting decision making. For the interpretation of these findings we use the comments of the experts. However, other criteria that we initially proposed, hubegt internal validity, interdisciplinarity and manipula- bility, turned ajalysis to be inadequate.

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Quantitative analysis in case study hubert korzilius

For the interpretation of this lack of agreement we also use quantitwtive comments of the experts in our Delphi study. For discussing the broad field of participa- tory research strategies we focus upon three examples, namely System Dynamics Modeling or Group Model Building Barlas ; Forrester and SengeDelphi studies Rescher and Gaming Duke To summarize the results so far, there was agreement among experts about verifiability, comprehensibility and acceptance of the results, and holism.

quantitative analysis in case study hubert korzilius

A necessary but insufficient condition for this is that the results of the research must be translated in common sense language. Sage, Thousand Oaks Dillman, D. These are often considered as opposing the dominant qualitative approach of case study research.