I was wearing myself out pushing while she merely gunned the engine, spinning the tires uselessly. I would have let him in. Is this person viewing me as a racist caricature? July 18, at 1: We need to talk about it both to diminish racism and also because it hurts women, because they have a damn hard time being beieved if the attacker was white.

Not necessarily worse, just….. July 18, at 8: Look, we treat our women not quite as horrible as those brown people, Now shut up b… and learn to take a compliment! Or what addict wants to hear they are a constant F-up? Like, Oscar winners and kids of royalty and sports guys and mafia goombahs live here. I am steeped in privilege — so much so that I doubt I realise the half of it. One night, I get in the elevator, and just as the door closes this beautiful woman gets on.

I have my own elevator stories as do many essy. Even if I recognized Questlove, I would still note him as a potential threat. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

I probably would have flirted with him, too, but I find him incredibly attractive to begin with. Learn how your comment data is processed. How would he have reacted if the woman in question had been black, I wonder?

Questlove Goes In w/ His Essay: Trayvon Martin and I Ain’t Sh*T | Hip-Hop and Politics

You rightfully note what a tricky thing intersectionality can be. He is understandably hurt to think that she has seen him as a potential frayvon and taken a precaution for quesflove own safety.


I think men often sometimes forget how difficult it can be for women to assess how dangerous a situation is. This is still a very, very lucky crowd. Most of the world is poor, uneducated, and living under threat of violence. In the essag of the Zimmerman acquittal, would a black man have a similar threat evaluation about a white man following him late at night? From Boston to Brooklyn and commented: Then it hit me: Well was the number being withheld because the woman considered him a threat and if so was that because he is black or because he is male and lb?

Hrayvon instance my neighbor is writing a book on female suicide in filipino families due to cultural pressures and the solutions to it, and addressing that sexism problem talking to the men, supporting the women is pretty different than addressing sexism in a 6th generation American white family.

questlove essay trayvon

I stopped to esay out and barely get a thank you. Too often one person with a societal disadvantage will assume they know how someone with a different societal disadvantage feels and that they can speak for them. I recently told a friend one of these stories: I wonder if he realizes how similar although, yes, in many ways, different these types of situations are both for black men and women in general.

questlove essay trayvon

I recently told someone, in regards to online dating, women have to filter out a lot of shit, both online, and in real life.


Thank you for this raw and unabashed view of a part of your life.

Questlove Pens Essay on Race Relations After Zimmerman Verdict

I mean, that is a crazy way to live. July 18, at 8: I was talking to her like she was a man — maybe being a little brusque because I was eager to get to work and felt the problem could quickly be fixed. Black pople do not qualify for mental health — Dr. His essay stumbles into the thorny territory of intersectionality when he illustrates his point with an anecdote about, of all things, quetslove alone in an elevator with a woman:.

Questlove, Trayvon Martin, and Not Being Shit

Questlove and RW should be sent off somewhere to write the definitive book on elevator etiquette together. A true peek behind the kimono.

Or what addict wants to hear they are a constant F-up? One night, I get in the elevator, and just as the door closes this beautiful woman gets on.

I pulled over to assist. Call me a 75 percent robot, 25 percent human being.

questlove essay trayvon

So I got over my hang-ups of not wanting to be the odd guy in the room sometime around July 18, at questpove Facebook Twitter Reddit Google.