Hi Travis, thank you for this valuable guide. Answered Jun 4, You should propose a more specific approach, including the type of examples, where you will get them, and why that approach is best. If you were writing this proposal again, is there anything you would do differently? Just 2 years ago, more than 1, Kenyans were killed in the outburst of post-election violence when Mr. If you can read this post, the English exam shouldn’t be an issue. Is wealth disparity an inevitable result as the market is trying to achieve optimal efficiency — that a market-oriented economy will reward some groups handsomely while punishing other groups economically?

You can use your job as an additional reason to support your research, but not as a replacement for your past major. For example, are you going to do a survey study or interviews? First, there are two colleges with English course that I am applying for. Yes, you can still apply after several years of employment! I red your proposal and i found it great. Well, technically the first four words of column II and III seems to be same but in this section what I did in my application, I gave a description of some past works on my proposal and their negative parts which was not described yet. What will be the benefits of your research?

Once I got here and started talking to my advisor about the specifics of my course of study, they changed quite a bit. This is a brief discussion of your willing research proposal i.

research proposal for mext scholarship

If they add to the document and are necessary to answer the questions below, go ahead and include them. The former depends to some extent on the university. Language tests If there is no big problem with your documents, you will be called for Japanese and English tests at the embassy. And the last one, describe my goal and how I will achieve it?


research proposal for mext scholarship

II Your research topic in Japan: I saw your question on another article and answered it here. Simon and Schuster Publishers.

Topic 5. How to write good Research Proposal – Mextipedia

Applicability or transfer mechanisms of the knowledge acquired in Japan. Travis Thanks for your generosity in spending such massive efforts I have 3 inquiries, I wish that you kindly guide me 1 Regarding the application form question number 15 I am going to apply for Ph.

You can use your job as an additional reason to support your research, but not as a replacement for your past major. I have a whole metx about how to find universities and professors that includes recommendations for contacting them. Another question that does not relate to the research plan: Resezrch it’s Golden Week here so finally I have a chance I have never heard of those documents being part of the MEXT scholarship application, so it must be something that particular university is asking for for their own admissions.

It is my goal to eventually acquire a PhD and scholarshhip an expert in East Asian comparative politics. Get in touch with professors at the university you want to study in: Hi Aahd, The form says that attachments are allowed, and I would certainly consider the list of references to be an attachment, so that would dcholarship count as part of the two pages.

MEXT Scholarship Field of Study and Research Program Plan Elements

In the second, shorter paragraph, describe how you expect your method to solve your research problem. Expanding on what I learn in subsection 2-B, I will continue with more ambitious compositions and subject matter.


research proposal for mext scholarship

Please reply as soon as you can. Answered Jun 4, Some universities have a slightly different document list. For applicants who are screened but ultimately not accepted, they will not receive any feedback on why their application did not pass. If your documents are not in English or Japanese, you will need a certified translation.

forr The GOAL of a research proposal is to present and justify the need to study a research problem and to present the practical ways in which the proposed study should be conducted. Please any feedback will help.

Research Proposal – Lars Martinson: Cartoonist

Note that such discussions may have either substantivetheoretical, or methodological significance. Thank goodness there are people like you! Lars, your series of articles are of great help not only for those seeking to study in japan, but in other places as well. Hey Travis thank you for this detailed explanation…its very much useful.

So pick someone who likes you. Did you pursue a degree there? Thank you for your mexxt to help. I guess these are enough to write a good proposal for MEXT application.