As we know that today is the age of competition, most of the companies are focusing and spend lot of revenue on advertising to attract the customers. The average rate of return on their equity funds business enterprises leverage their capitals Leverage will do this if the rate of return on the invested funds is significantly higher than the interest rate paid on the rented funds. The value of r-square is 0. The identified technique was used to examine the impact of studied independent variable on the dependent variable i. To uphold the high standards of corporate ethics and values of social responsibility, the Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Policy of PTCL focuses on areas of education, health, environment, employee welfare and special needs.

On the other hand, when a company raises fund through the issuance of bonds or borrowing from banks or other financial institution, it is called debt financing. This study is going to conduct over both companies named Ufone and Warid in pre-pared connection. Help Center Find new research papers in: On the wireless broadband front, a major upgrade of the WLL CDMA network was rolled out in order to provide wireless broad and services in 17 major cities. No words can adequately express my overriding debt of gratitude to my parents whose support helps me in all the way.

In accordance with the CSR policy, numerous projects were undertaken during the year detailed in succeeding paragraphs. The project MCM, the development phases are.

These hypotheses may be reesarch or not, depending upon the results derived from statistical analysis. Pa kistan has emerged as one of the fastest growing mobile markets among the developing nations. Companies borrow funds through bank loans and bond issues so as to create leverage.

research proposal on ufone

Write us at info qundeel. Asad Malik who was always there to help and guide us when we needed help. Further, with the technological advancement, more and more telecom services were becoming available but there was not enough money available with the corporation propoal install new telecom systems for the provision of modern services.


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To achieve our vision by having: The only company Pakistan Telecommunication Limited is taken one sample study the technique is selective.

They claimed that the value of a firm is independent of its capital structure in a frictionless or complete world, where there is no transaction cost, no default risk, asymmetric information and no taxes.

The Corporation is the largest contributor outside the oil sector to development programs of the UAE Federal Government. In the share of each company in mobile market exhibited a change, except for Ufone whose subscriber share remained more or less the same.

Her study was intended to measure the effect of financial leverage on financial performance of the fuel and energy companies.

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Profitability was used as dependent variable and was measured as the ratio of net income after tax to total assets and financial leverage was used as the independent variable and ptoposal measured as the ratio of total debt to total assets ratio.

As a result, risk to stockholder return is increased.

Profitability 18 1. As Pakistan is one of the major producers of cotton, the country has a sound textile industry. The first of these debt to equity ratios, total debt to stockholders’ equities, is the strongest of these measures, that is, it provides the most conservative view of creditor protection.

The PTA attributed this to the increase in the subscriber base and the attractive call packages offered by cellular companies. As the Diagram depicts that they rely on directly sale point or indirectly sales point. It is true that, affect message or ad strategy hence the company outcomes. Furthermore installed capacity of broadband is approximately 1.


Etisalat stands th among the Financial Times Top Corporations in the world in terms of market capitalization, and is ranked by The Middle East magazine as the 6th largest company in the Middle East in terms of capitalization and revenues. The ratio shows what proportion of ufond assets are funded by equities. Through effective cost control measures and discounting the cost effect of voluntary separation scheme VSS implemented last researhc, the annual increase in total operating cost of Rs.

And it also has a negative impact which means that increase in leverage decrease the growth of the firm. Figure-2 depicts the Cellular mobile operators share in the telecommunication market. Times interest earned Can the company still meet interest charges if earnings decrease?

Today, for millions of people, PTCLA has been the prime source for instan t access to new products and ideas. This department started its telephone service with only telephone lines and seven telegraph offices all over Pakistan.

research proposal on ufone

The department was being run by the government and played multiple roles as regulator, policy maker, operator and service provider in the country. It was established to undertake the telecommunication business firmly carried on by Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation PTC. The reseatch in the telecom sector witnessed a phenomenal growth in the mobile phone sector in Pakistan, which doubled its subscriber base to 60 million.

If that value is negative, which is in our case, this means there is a negative relationship exist between predictor and dependent variable. This gives PTCL a unique position in terms of providing to carriers and individual consumers alike.