Aston Martin Rapide Has Become More Powerful 80 Hp And A Longer One Letter

Aston Martin Rapide Has Become More Powerful 80 Hp And A Longer One Letter

The British from Aston Martin has updated its "four-door coupe", creating in the process of updating a new version of the Rapide with letter S. She received a modified engine and a more modern appearance, but these changes should not affect the value of the supercar.


Aston Martin Rapide S can be distinguished from "just" Rapide not only on the corresponding label, but a different "face". The supercar has received larger and more aggressive grille, somewhat reminiscent of the ideas of designers from Atelier Zagato. In addition, redesigned and back - it now adorns the new spoiler. Got a car and some new aerodynamic parts from carbon.


The power unit, six-liter V12, now develops 558 horsepower is 81 HP more than before. Torque has increased not so thoroughly from about 600 Nm to 620 Nm. The Aston Martin engineers have managed to achieve growth, reworking the valve gear system and intake and exhaust: the British claim that the work on the motor used technology from a great Motorsport. As a result Rapide S spends on acceleration to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds (0.4 faster than before), the maximum speed reached 305 km/h.


Aston Martin Rapide S also equip recalibrated stabilization system and retuned adaptive suspension. It has three modes - Normal, Sport and Track, which the driver can choose their own depending on the traffic situation. Interestingly, the new Rapide S has become not only a sport, but more utilitarian. Rear sport seats got the opportunity to develop, so the trunk can be increased almost three times to 900 litres.

Orders Rapide S will begin to take in the next month, the cost of the British supercar intend to announce closer to the beginning of sales. However, it is argued that it will not change compared to the current model.