Audi Tt Is Significantly Thinner

Audi Tt Is Significantly Thinner

Audi has demonstrated on tuning festival in the Austrian wörthersee most extreme fantasy on the theme of his TT coupe. The prototype was named Ultra Quattro - the first word in its name refers not to the transmission and to the design of the machine as a whole.


The Ingolstadt engineers have long been exploring the possibility of reducing the weight of their cars, and most of their practices already implemented in practice. For example, the power structure of the body of the current generation Audi TT weighs only 206 kg, and about a hundred pounds falls on the body panels. The concept of Ultra Quattro has become even easier due to the metered use in the body structure of composite materials and magnesium alloys engineers managed to save a hundredweight.


Tangible easily stressed and modifications of the exterior compartment - it got not only extravagant aerodynamic, but the wing is made of aluminum and carbon fiber. Side mirrors are replaced with the rear view cameras with an image on the monitor, exhaust system made of titanium, and the rims are allowed to save another 20 kg due to the aluminum and fiber reinforced plastics. Even some elements of the suspension, in particular, springs made of composite materials.

Several tens of kilograms managed to save through the use of lightweight seats from the Audi R8 GT. In Ingolstadt even replaced conventional battery Li-ion - weighs less than 4 kg In the end the whole concept weighs about 300 pounds less than the production model.


A modified two-liter turbo engine (it saved a quarter of a hundredweight) develops 310 HP and 400 Nm of torque, which provides easy concept the ability to accelerate to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. The objective of the concept outlined in the Audi demonstration of weight loss even on an existing production model. In Ingolstadt do not exclude the possibility of small-scale production of the Audi TT Ultra Quattro.