Bmw Presents The Prototype Of 7 Series

Bmw Presents The Prototype Of 7 Series

During the Beijing motor show, BMW has demonstrated a new concept Vision Future Luxury, which may serve as a prototype 7-Series next generation.


The design of the model, where the roughness is closely bordered elegance that reflects the current vision of luxury in BMW, combining fresh stylistic decisions and SuperPreview stuffing. Outside we see a strong and lightweight carbon-aluminum construction, laser lights front and OLED rear optics. Luxury leather-trimmed interior, aluminum and wood five displays three in front (on the instrument panel and one on the center console and the dashboard to the passenger), and two in the back (on the backs of seats), plus a detachable tablet, mounted in the tunnel.


"Design BMW Vision Future Luxury is the implementation of our philosophy of contemporary luxury, in which a key role is played by modern technology," said head of design BMW Karim Habib. - "Innovation is creating an entirely new, multi-faceted an atmosphere of elegance, organic parts which are rational lightweight design, innovative interior design and a fundamentally new concept of user interface".


Also in the cabin of the sedan is another display of projection, the image of which is displayed directly in the driver's field of vision, and in addition to the usual data about speed etc contains warning signs about the configuration of traffic lights and other useful information.