Chinese Introduced The First Sedan Based Saab For 17 Thousand Euros

Chinese Introduced The First Sedan Based Saab For 17 Thousand Euros

Chinese automaker Beijing Automotive (BAIC) has unveiled its first car built on the platform sunk into Oblivion Saab 9-5 - sedan Senova. Recently the company announced the start of sales of new products in China. It is noteworthy that the face of advertising campaign became a Hollywood actor Nicolas cage.


BAIC Senova D Series is equipped with 2-liter engine produces 201 HP, and the prices for the car start at 139 800 yuan (about 17 € 530). The dimensions of the sedan are HH mm. Also will have a 2.3-liter turbo engine with two power options - 174 HP and 247 the Most expensive option will cost 215 800 yuan (about 27 000 euros).

This is the first model developed using technology purchased from Saab Automobile in 2009. Recall, then, the Swedish company was trying to find an investor or to sell their assets to stay afloat. But despite received from the transaction with BAIC means, "Saab" and failed to survive.


In addition, it is the company's first car D-class, which not only has been fully developed on their own, but also is present in the segment of expensive cars.


To promote the new company hired a famous Hollywood actor Nicolas cage. Winner of the Academy award "Oscar" has become a brand Ambassador and starred in advertising models Senova.


Previously, Beijing Automotive has stated that it intends to market the cars "world class" by 2025, and hired designer Leonardo Fioravanti, to ensure the appropriate style and brand perception. By 2015, the leadership of the auto giant plans to increase sales by 70%, to 2.1 million vehicles a year.