Compact Car Bmw I3 Was More Prestigious Sedan

Compact Car Bmw I3 Was More Prestigious Sedan

In July, BMW will be able to announce the transition of environmental project i in the active phase. According to rumors, summer European company dealers will begin accepting orders for the firstborn sub - BMW i3 hatchback, which was, to put it mildly, not cheap.


Information about the possible beginning of taking orders publishes the British Autocar, citing its own sources in BMW. According to their information, the basic version of the electro compact BMW i3 is estimated at 35 000 pounds (about 1 700 000). And the installation of a gasoline engine, which increases the range of mileage on one tank, will increase the price by another 3,000 pounds (a little less than 150 000). Two-cylinder motorcycle engine will be available as an option at the start of sales.


Thus, BMW i3 hatchback is quite comparable in price with affordable versions of 5 series sedan (in the UK it costs a minimum of 30 430 pounds) and will cost significantly more expensive than any other received at public sale electric car (Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt).

It is interesting that, according to Autocar, the companion electric hatchback on a sub-brand of sports car BMW i8 will cost about three times more expensive - about £ 100,000. You can purchase it will be next year, and the first commercial copies of BMW i3 should be delivered to customers in October.