Concept Land Rover Discovery Vision Declassified

Concept Land Rover Discovery Vision Declassified

Land Rover has made an official presentation of the conceptual Discovery Vision on the deck of the aircraft carrier Intrepid, put on eternal Parking on the Hudson river and turned into a Museum of aviation and space, and Navy.


By design engineers, Vision Concept concept will give rise to a whole family of vehicles that share a common name, and their production will extend over all the coming decade. The SUV is equipped with a remote control system, thanks to which the car can be controlled remotely using a special portable controller or smartphone application. According to the manufacturer, this feature is useful in overcoming the serious off-road, the implementation of difficult Parking or checking in the back of a trailer. In addition, the concept is equipped with laser lights and laser scanning system of relief, "smart" windshield, turning into a projector screen and creating a so-called "augmented reality", a gesture recognition system, and two additional touch OLED displays on the steering wheel (not counting the two in the center console).


On Vision Concept was first being tested by a unique technology "Transparent hood". Chironna the system consists of video cameras mounted on the grille Discovery tilted system image processing and projector with a modified computer image on the windshield. With the help of sensors and gyroscope can overlay it on top of the contours of the bonnet so that he actually looks transparent. The camera "sees" not only the earth but the front wheels, which allows, for example, to just get into a rut or to observe in real time for passing through obstacles. In addition, images can be projected on all glazing prototype, including the side Windows and panoramic roof.


Premiere of the concept of Discovery Vision coincided with the announcement of the conclusion of a strategic Alliance between a Land Rover and commercial space carrier, Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson, so futuristic concept was exhibited alongside a full-size layout suborbital space Shuttle Enterprise.