Conceptual Supercar Lexus Lf Lc Will Go Into Series

Conceptual Supercar Lexus Lf Lc Will Go Into Series

Conceptual car Lexus LF-LC still got final approval for serial production. The decision of the company management took about a year, but still it is not known whether it will maintain sports car hybrid propulsion system and when it will begin production.


First Lexus LF-LC appeared in public in January of last year at the show in Detroit. Then in Lexus refused to acknowledge the possibility of serial production of this sports car is not excluded, the reason for that was continuing at that time, the production of its own supercar, the LF-A. Now it is already stopped, and Lexus was left without sports flagship. The management company was forced to change my mind because at every exhibition prototype called unexpectedly powerful positive reactions.


The decision was announced at a new York auto show, Vice President of Lexus Brian Smith. In his words, "good" for serial production of the concept LF-LC can be regarded as a "great victory", according to the portal Ward's Auto. What kind of propulsion system will receive a serial sports car is not known yet, but the prototype was equipped with a hybrid engine with a total capacity of 506 horsepower, and a platform borrowed from the LS sedan.

Obviously, Lexus rely not only on the successful sale of future innovations, but also on a slight correction of the image of the brand. The appearance in the brand lineup luxurious and fast sports car can make the buyers be regarded as Lexus more sporty and premium brand.