Detroit Electric Unveiled The Fastest Electric Car In History

Detroit Electric Unveiled The Fastest Electric Car In History

On the eve of the Shanghai premiere company Detroit Electric has unveiled its first model. As promised, it was electric sports car manufacturer is already named "the fastest in the history of electric vehicles": up to 100 km/h the SP:01 Roadster accelerates in just 3.7 seconds.


The Detroit Electric brand was added to the list of companies once famous, then faded and are now in the process of revival. The first model of the company will become a Roadster with a carbon fiber body and fully independent suspension. A distinct resemblance to a Lotus Exige sports car no accident - the platform and the exterior Detroit Electric borrowed from the British company, somewhat modernizing it to provide a more suitable weight distribution and conjuring over the stiffness of the damping elements. By the way, manages the process of revival of electrobraid albert Lam, former Deputy head of Lotus Engineering.


Detroit Electric SP:01 is expected retained the mid-engine layout: the motor power of 201 HP and lithium-polymer batteries are located behind the seat backs. Unlike other electric vehicles that use a single-stage transmission, the Roadster is equipped with automatic 4-speed transmission combined with two-step "automatic".As the developers say, this solution eliminates the need to use a mechanical clutch during start or stop the motor. The Roadster can travel on a single charge of about 300 km, while its dynamics are really comparable with the best petrol cars, but called it "the best ever" would be reckless. The fact is, that Tesla Roadster, also built on the platform of Lotus, I spent for acceleration to 100 km/h in the same 3.7 seconds. Maximum speed news reaches 250 km/h.


Electric supercar deprived of the power steering, but has ABS, Brembo brakes, leather and carbon fiber interior and branded entertainment system with the integration capabilities of the smartphone.

Produced Roadster will be at the factory in Detroit, whose power is stated at the level of 2 500 copies a year. Mass production of electric cars will start in August this year. The approximate price Detroit Electric SP:01 - 135 000 dollars.