Fashion Designer Turned The Land Rover Defender In An Art Object

Fashion Designer Turned The Land Rover Defender In An Art Object

Land Rover continues to say goodbye to his SUV. Another act of procedure, stretched for a whole year, was the creation of a unique version of the Defender on equal footing with the famous designer Paul Smith. Couturier found the original paint SUV in 27 different colors.


Designer Paul Smith is known as a staunch admirer and experienced owner Land Rover Defender. Therefore, the manufacturer has provided him the opportunity to develop their own modification of the SUV, which will be released in a single copy by special forces forces SVO. The only owner of this Defender will become the designer.


The SUV received 27 exterior colors: as he says Paul Smith, the selection of shades he was inspired by the colours of the British countryside and those colours, which historically painted "defender". All the shades were specially created for the project in the Special Vehicle Operations.


The unique interior of the SUV is decorated in black and blue colors. In addition, Paul Smith has given the interior of your Defender a number of unusual details like embroidery and drawings (on the ceiling, for example, depicts a bee, and inside the glove box - scattered coins and keys), and also replaced the regular analog clock on the front panel of their own chronometer.

Land Rover plans to cease production of the famous off-road this year, and in 2016 the European dealers have to be a new model - the ideological successor to the Defender.