Fiat Fcc4 Coupe Pickup

Fiat Fcc4 Coupe Pickup

Fiat is preparing to submit a concept crossover FCC4. The premiere will be held tomorrow on opening in Sao Paulo (Brazil) international auto show.


The car was designed by the American design center for Fiat in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte. The automaker describes the prototype as a "four-door coupe with adventure character." Its length is 5 000 mm, width - 1 940 mm, and a height of 1600 mm.


The distinctive features of the prototype is aggressive front end with led headlights and foglights, a sharply raked windscreen and sloping roof line. Protective aluminum plate at the bottom front and rear bumper indicate off-road spirit novelties.


No technical details about the concept yet. There is only a series of gorgeous photos. Experts note the similarity between Fiat and FCC4 the concept car Mitsubishi GR-HEV (Golden pickup pictured below), which is the harbinger of a new generation of pickup L200. Recall that in September, Fiat and Mitsubishi Motors have signed an agreement of understanding that allows including the Italians to produce its own cars based on the pickup L200.