Honda Showed Two Concepts

Honda Showed Two Concepts

Honda has brought to the Beijing motor show two concept car, which are the precursors of similar serial models.


One of them is a hybrid hatchback Concept called B, and the other is a prototype sedan Spirior next generation. Both cars are aimed primarily at the Chinese market.


In the guise of a five-door hatchback Concept B, the designers managed to combine the "cool exterior and high practicality, which is especially appreciated by young Chinese motorists. The model is equipped with a hybrid power plant under the name of FUNTEC, details of which are secret.


Despite the fact that the sedan Spirior manufactured since 2009, the joint venture of Honda and Dongfeng exclusively for China, in fact the car is a sedan Accord. The prototype is equipped with a 2.4-liter "four" with direct fuel injection and 8-step "robot". Such units will receive and production model, which will appear in 2015. In addition, the serial embodiment of a new generation of models will receive a projection display, a tracking system for marking and control of "dead zones".