Jaguar Has Shown Brake Coupe In New York

Jaguar Has Shown Brake Coupe In New York

Jaguar used the exhibition in new York to remind the world about the 25-year anniversary of its "charged" line R. the power of the new car is not so great, but so advanced the brakes were not even any production car brand.


The latest modification of the coupe is noteworthy primarily developed an aerodynamic body kit with a giant carbon fiber rear wing. The kit also includes a carbon fiber splitter, a new hood with air vents, flared wheel arches and a new rear diffuser. It is argued that the downforce created by the aerodynamic elements, reaches 145 kg.


The XKR-S GT got new springs and stiffer adjustable dampers, new a-arms front and rear suspension, and redesigned subframe. The front track of the car increased by 52 mm, and a shorter steering rack for new items borrowed from the Roadster F-type. The XKR-S GT was the first "Jaguar" with carbon-ceramic brakes: unique 20-inch wheels hide 398 mm mechanisms on the front axle and 380 mm at the rear.


Powerplant car remains the same is a 550-horsepower V8 supercharged 5 liter. However, Jaguar XKR-S GT received faster than the current XKR-S to 100 km/h and it accelerates in with 3,9 4,4 against with the "donor". In addition, the sports car with the prefix GT ahead of the version of the XKR-S and at Nürburgring: he drove one lap on the "Nordschleife" 11 seconds faster.

With the edition of 30 copies Jaguar XKR-S GT and claimed to be the most exclusive Jaguar models of modernity. All released sports cars are designed for the North American market.