Jaguar Has Unveiled A New Generation Of Xf Sedan

Jaguar Has Unveiled A New Generation Of Xf Sedan

The new Jaguar XF, presented by the company, was full of surprises. For example, despite the promises of stylists, the exterior of the sedan have not experienced any revolutionary changes as the dimensions. However, the sedan has already called not only the most beautiful but also the most spacious and the most economical in the classroom.


Apparently, the designers of the Jaguar, creating a new XF, where more thought is not about the spectacular, and about how to preserve the visual continuity innovations with other models of the brand. Therefore, the Jaguar XF with the change of generations has received fairly "relaxed" appearance, reminiscent of not only the previous generation, but also more compact XE, and the flagship XJ.


However, in a Jaguar sedan called "brand new" with good reason. The XF body will retain the same dimensions (sedan shortened by 7 mm - 4 954 mm and 3 mm below), but the sedan was increased to 2 960 mm wheelbase and roof of the new design. In the end, thanks to the original layout decisions Jaguar XF got the right to be the segment leader by quantity of space on the back of the couch - like legs and over his head.


The sedan is 75% of aluminum: the British painstakingly fought for every extra kilogram. On average, the new XF 190 kg lighter than the previous generation, and, according to an official statement from the manufacturer, has an 80-pound advantage over a "main competitor". As in recent years, the company often holds comparing with the BMW, it is logical to assume that we are talking about the 5th series of the Bavarians. In this case, the rigidity in torsion increased by 28%.


Jaguar XF received the same platform IQ[Al] with a fully independent suspension, which is used in the construction of the "younger" XE. However, the brand has already announced that spent a lot of time and effort to endow the novelty of their own driving habits. Optionally, the sedan can be ordered with an adjustable suspension system and Jaguar Configurable Dynamics, which first appeared on the F-Type - it allows you to adjust not only shock, but also power steering, transmission and engine.


In the first stage, the Jaguar XF will receive two two-liter diesel family Ingenium, which develops 163 HP (380 Nm) and 180 HP (430 Nm). In addition to them, will appear in XF V6 diesel with a capacity of 3 liters, which develops 300 HP and 700 Nm. In addition to diesel engines, the sedan will provide and petrol engines - 240-strong Quartet and three-liter turbocharged V6, which delivers 380 HP and 450 Nm of torque. It is not excluded, latest motor will be the prerogative of the version of S.


Almost all engines are expected to be integrated with the 8-speed automatic transmission, but a four-cylinder diesels will allocate and 6-step "mechanics". Incidentally, it was the weakest diesel paired with a manual transmission, make the most economical Jaguar XF representative of the class is only about 4 liters of fuel per 100 km, there is also Talk about the optional AWD system.


In the interior of the sedan appeared more expensive grades of leather and wood, as well as a number of multimedia innovations. For example, the role of the instrument panel now plays a 12.3-inch monitor and a multimedia system InControl Touch Pro has received not only the screen size 10.2 inches, but Quad core CPU, and SSD - all for maximum performance. To accompany the system would, incidentally, acoustics Meridian about 17 speakers.

Live the new Jaguar XF will first appear in public on 1 April under the new York auto show. Sale that the British planned to start towards the end of 2015.

Within the unveiling of 24 March in the centre of the business district of London, British stuntman Jim Dowdell, performing stunts in films about James bond, Jason Bourne, Indiana Jones, drove new business sedan by two metallic cables with a length of 240 meters, begging over the Thames. The show was held over the Royal Dock Canary Wharf.