Laferrari Will Be Faster And More Expensive

Laferrari Will Be Faster And More Expensive

Ferrari is going to release a more extreme version of its flagship LaFerrari hypercar. Thus a very limited batch, which is scheduled for release hypercar, increasing slightly, however, with the increasing exclusivity serious rise and the price of the LaFerrari.


Hybrid supercar from Maranello caused a sensation at the Geneva motor show. All the planned production of 499 copies hypercar were sold out in a matter of days, despite the exorbitant price in excess of a million euros. However, Ferrari decided to give another chance for the biggest fans of the brand, releasing several LaFerrari special versions.


As stated by the project's chief designer Flavio Manzoni, the idea emerged during the discussion of the possibilities of individualization hypercar. Due to some technical tweaks Ferrari engineers are going to severely reduce the weight of the LaFerrari. Presented in Geneva version weighs 1255 kg, but the weight of the car to be developed shall not exceed one ton. How in Maranello expect to achieve, not specified, however, it is known that the most extreme LaFerrari will be born no more than 10. According to Autocar, each of them will be evaluated in an impressive amount of from 3.5 to 6 million euros.


LaFerrari is equipped with a hybrid power plant based on a 6.3-liter V12, the aggregate capacity of which is 963 HP To 100 km/h supercar accelerates in less than 3 seconds. Probably a lightweight modification will be able to surpass this result.