Lamborghini Has Built A Luxury Car With No Doors

Lamborghini Has Built A Luxury Car With No Doors

Lamborghini has built another gift to myself: 50th anniversary Italians celebrated the creation of the Egoista concept. Its developers claim that, despite the obvious similarities with the recent Veneno, they were inspired primarily combat helicopter AH-64 Apache.


The Creator of "selfish" Lamborghini Egoista, chief designer of VW Walter de Silva, said that his appearance supercar must demonstrate a real Italian passion, the emotions that often overtakes the mind. The ability to maximize their individuality due to the fact that the Egoista just one seat and there are no doors. In the cabin (too little space inside, so it was about "salon"), the driver will be able to get, throwing back the hood and removing the steering wheel. It is not surprising that "workplace" driver (or driver?) stylized cockpit of a jet fighter.


Car supplied and original lighting scheme. Egoista is deprived optics head in its usual sense, instead of getting colored lights around the perimeter of the body, the layout of which peeped the aircraft. On body panels, according to the press release caused some borrowed in aviation radars" coverage (but does it save from radar traffic police?), the cap - anti-glare (this explains the unusual color of the glazing).

The body of the supercar, made of carbon fiber, equipped with active aerodynamic elements that not only optimize downforce, but also provide for more efficient cooling of the engine. Lamborghini Egoista is equipped with 12-cylinder engine capacity of 5.2 liters, developing 600 horsepower. However, how the car turned out to be dynamic, Lamborghini did not specify. Plans for mass production Egoista from an Italian company no - supercar will remain one of a kind concept.