Lamborghini Will Give 100 Cars On His Birthday

Lamborghini Will Give 100 Cars On His Birthday

On the occasion of their anniversary, the Italian supercar manufacturer will present at tomorrow's Shanghai motor show a new version of their "older" model Aventador. Structurally, the car will remain the same and exclusivity will give him forcibly restricting circulation.


This year Lamborghini celebrates its 50th anniversary and in honor of this car, which will soon show in China, was named the Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50° Anniversario. By tradition, the first number indicates the amount of horsepower in the engine. 720 is 20 "horses" more than the "normal" Aventador. To increase the number of "herd", the Italian motorists do not have anything to seriously change in the motor: for this increase is enough to fill in the electronic engine control unit new program.


Vehicle dynamics has not changed: the same acceleration to hundreds of 2.9 seconds and the same 350 km/h top speed. That looks strange, if we take seriously the statements about Italians increased by 50% "aerodynamic efficiency". However mentioned "efficiency" is a General, vague a concept to measure it in units impossible. Therefore, the representatives of the Lamborghini could well afford to play with words and give a slight redesign of the front and rear for a breakthrough in the difficult art of aerodynamics.


Most words in the official materials devoted to the colors used in the design of new products. "May yellow", which is painted in the body, is a tribute to "the colour that most buyers Lamborghini chose for its cars, beginning with the start of sales of the model Miura". At the same time, the company declares that this color is brand new and before that no one model was not used. Dark colors in the interior represent the land of the province of Emilia-Romagna, and yellow for individual segments are to be taken from the coat of arms of the town of Sant'agata Bolognese (there is the headquarters of the company) - more precisely, with the picture of yellow oak.

Results will be released 100 copies of the anniversary Aventador. Those who will not have time "to hand", the brand will offer a commemorative version of the younger model Gallardo.