Mercedes Benz Is Preparing To Release A Pickup Truck

Mercedes Benz Is Preparing To Release A Pickup Truck

In Stuttgart open new horizons for themselves: in the Mercedes suddenly announced the release of a full-size pickup truck, which could stand on the conveyor in 2017. And it's not just about send a truck to transport firewood and bricks - the Germans positionyour of it more as a "lifestyle" model.


Mercedes-Benz will try to knock myself a warm place under the sun in the pickup segment, where now "sunbathe", for example, Ford F-150, Volkswagen Amarok and the Japanese Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi L200. According to AutoBild magazine, "live" sample conceptual pickup can be represented in 2016, and a year later, the automaker will begin serial production. Interestingly, the tale of the future of the pickup is not a fantasy of some free artist, and sent by Mercedes sketch.


It is likely that the novelty will take aim at two market segments - the Mercedes pickup depending on the version can be attributed to the category of commercial vehicles, and to the division of motor vehicles for an active lifestyle. Moreover, the Germans already have the experience of using a dual strategy in the case of minivans twins Vito and V-Classe: the first can be though of a delivery van, the second recaptures buyers almost the expensive luxury sedans.


And although the word "pickup" the reader, probably, first of all, remember the US market, the company Mercedes expansion in the New world had no plans, but will concentrate on the markets of Europe, Australia, South America and South Africa, where this segment shows the trend of sustained growth.


Briefly describing your business strategy, Stutgart not a word mentioned about the technical device of the vehicle - which model will take as a basis for pickup, you can only guess. SUV G-class as a donor though, and fits better than the rest, but the pickup on the basis of "Gelaendewagen" would have been too expensive, and the production line is in the Austrian Di not cope with large production volumes. The basis could take, for example, the new V-Class or to develop a platform with partner Renault-Nissan, once turned Renault Kangoo quite successfully issued for Mercedes-Benz Citan.

If we assume that the statement made by Mercedes-Benz is not timed to the upcoming April fool's day and will not develop as April fools "duck", then in the near future the project of a pickup truck with a three pointed star on the bonnet can find new details.