Mercedes Has Unveiled New Sls Amg Black Series

Mercedes Has Unveiled New Sls Amg Black Series

The German automaker has decided to have an unusual premiere of his new model - SLS AMG Black Series. on 8 November, the company released one teaser, promising that it will premiere "in less than 24 hours". Keep the promise, Mercedes introduced a novelty in all its glory.


Like all other representatives of the Black series, SLS AMG, primarily, increased power, reduced weight and, of course, improved aerodynamics. The latter circumstance has influenced the look of the machine. In addition, the company decided to paint the SLS AMG Black Series in a bright yellow color.


Under the hood of the car is located is already known 8-cylinder 6.2-liter engine developing 622 HP of power. For comparison, the standard SLS AMG GT (the most powerful of this family) "satisfied" 583 horsepower. The maximum torque was increased from 634 to 648 Nm.


As a result of all the work on the car, the acceleration time to 100 km/h has been reduced by 0.2, 3.6 C. Maximum speed rose to 315 km/h. In this case, the fuel consumption is 13.7 l / 100 km in the combined cycle.


For improved aerodynamics answer the front splitter, side skirts and a massive rear diffuser, which, of course, made of carbon fiber. By the way, the weight of the car is only 1550 kg, 70 kg lighter than the standard SLS AMG GT. One only titanium exhaust system has saved 13 kg Sport seats dropped another 15 pounds. Six pounds were saved by the removal of the car multimedia system Comand, eight - on the batteries to lithium-ion.

The front are new 19-inch wheels. On the rear axle, the company decided to put 20-inch wheels. And even this car can be improved. The manufacturer offers as an option, for example, custom carbon rear spoiler.


Pictures Mercedes are kept in secret. It is known that the SLS AMG Black Series goes on sale in June 2013.