Mini Goalcooper For Football Fans

Mini Goalcooper For Football Fans

To commemorate the world Cup in 2014 and in honor of April 1, the company prepared an unusual Mini Paceman GoalCooper with which to play football.


The Mini design team under the leadership of Oliviero Valino not only drew on the hatchback in the colors of the Brazilian flag, but turned the car into a full-fledged football goalkeeper. If you fold back the rear seats, Luggage compartment lined material AstroTurf green and equipped with interior lighting in the style of stadium floodlights, creates a feeling of presence on the football field. For defense Paceman GoalCooper uses sensors Parking assistant and alarm, instantly activating the trunk lid to protect the gate. So to score a goal "iron Keeper" will be not so easy.


The role of the referee will make the iPad. After the final whistle the score of a 90-minute match is added using a special Internet application Mini Paceman GoalCooper (from the set of applications Mini Connected) to the final table, so that it can be compared with the results of other players registered worldwide. The table is updated every day, and after the championship, world champion of the community MINI will receive a special trophy.


In the vehicle interior accents green Brasiero allowed Green "wave" in the stands all four seats. The ability to stream Internet broadcasting will let the Mini Paceman GoalCooper to re-examine the controversial decision of the judges or the most beautiful goals. The audience on the back of the stands did not miss a single moment with universal dock for smartphones and the holder for the Apple iPad. In addition, GoalCooper ready to offer passengers a miniature foosball, located between the rear seats.