Mini Presented The Elegant Roadster

Mini Presented The Elegant Roadster

MINI and Italian bodywork Touring Superleggera has created a joint concept Roadster. The debut of the prototype called MINI Superleggera Vision debuted in the Contest of elegance to Villa d'este.


MINI Superleggera Vision is a stylish vintage Roadster that combines classic design with the latest technologies of the XXI century. Design a concept car designed in the style of the MINI Cooper hatchback last generation. The model has a number of elements characteristic of the company Touring Superleggera. For example, "fin" in the center of the lid. Italian experts manually engaged in manufacturing body panels novelties. The interior Superleggera Vision used leather and aluminum. From the latter material is completely made center console.


Because while Superleggera Vision is only a show car, its technical characteristics, the MINI didn't pay much attention. It is only known that the vehicle is equipped with an electric motor. About the possibility of creating a production version of the new information yet.