Monaco Showed Exclusive Italian Supercar

Monaco Showed Exclusive Italian Supercar

Italians from Mazzanti Automobili chose the place for the premiere of his updated coupe Evantra exhibition of luxury goods Top Marques in Monaco. Quite rightly: 701-HP supercar will be released no more than five units per year.


As they say in Mazzanti, even five units per year production volume can be achieved only under the condition of receipt of orders. In wanting to buy Evantra, apparently, will be no shortage. The fact that the Italians promise unprecedented levels of individualization of each produced supercar.


Engineers and designers who developed Evantra, intended to create a fusion of classic and contemporary. The exterior of the car form the simple, classic lines, and modernity is evident in the details - for example, the led head optics. The supercar has received more rigid power structure with the use of chromium-molybdenum steels, but the body can be performed under two scenarios. Pro-Body body panels are made of carbon fiber, and in One embodiment, the Body is made of aluminum, and entirely by hand. In Mazzanti argue that therefore none of the supercar will be like the others. The interior also promise to pick up only in accordance with the wishes of the customer.


As the power unit, the Italians used the atmospheric V8 (formerly Evantra was fitted with a boxer engine). Seven-liter engine delivers 701 HP and acceleration to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and a top speed exceeding 350 km/h. the Car can be equipped with 6-speed manual transmission or a sequential gearbox in the latter case, the Evantra get another paddle "petals".

What is the cost of fan personalization Mazzanti Evantra, the Italians did not specify.