New Range Rover The Prince In The African Dirt

New Range Rover The Prince In The African Dirt

In Land Rover's are determined - without all sorts of antics they say that the new Range Rover is the best car in its class, and sometimes simply the best. To verify this, we went to exotic Morocco and subjected SUV a real test.


Gentle autumn sun, wrapped in brocade of weightless clouds, as a participant in a solemn procession slowly lowered into the azure waters of the Atlantic, spilling gold to the horizon. To the right of the beach wrapped dark green scythe, slicing through the ocean, and on the left sloping hills majestically framed by a string of slowly rotating windmills. And all this is slightly soluble in delicate sfumato as in the works of eminent painters. This stunning sunset greets us Morocco at the presentation of the new Range Rover. Or submit it as handouts "All new Range Rover".


Why Morocco? Perhaps because here was to take place the presentation of the first generation SUV 65 years ago, but has not developed because of the difficulties of logistics. For the British as they say, no unfinished business. And, of course, in this African country is easy to find sand dunes, winding roads, mountain passes and rocky fords - all that can be called the adventures (and, hence, in the cunning plans of the company to promote the program Land Rover Experience in this vibrant exotic). In Land Rover's are determined - without all sorts of antics promotional materials tell us that this Range Rover is the best car in its class, and sometimes simply the best. He was great, just not stopped in development. Ambitious attitude volumes emphasize sales figures: in 2012, the growth was 46%, which means unconditional faith in the British crown, though, and with the Indian sapphires.

The new Range Rover is easily recognized the silhouette of its predecessor. He is well built, slightly brutal and still elegant. Its simple shape is clear and generally familiar. However, despite the similarity with the previous generation, it is in the shape of this car is unmistakably breed the very first RR! Lines become softer, losing the previous chopped, but visually, the car has become easier. New false radiator grille has deprived the front heaviness, flaunting the new led pattern headlights and taillights turned in profile and connect a clear touch through the whole body. "Gills" become more amorphous and predatory and would look nice in a real shark, but seem appropriate here. Under baggy arches changed the design wheels from 20" to 22". And yet, despite the magnificent rebirth of the interior, there are some unpleasant nuances. For example, the multimedia system response time to the clicking is still large, and the resolution of the screen does not look impressive (later Mick Cameron - senior engineer-developer of the Range Rover is said partly to blame for double the pixels, allowing equally well to see the image as the driver and the passenger). However, the same can be said about the screen of the instrument panel where pixels are the most common. Driving a RR I often caught myself thinking that the speedometer and tachometer look like in a computer game - however, the more informative it had no effect. Heating and demisting seats still controlled from the screen - although this is more unusual than uncomfortable.


But not for nothing that the British had dressed his flagship in the title of "All New": a completely new body made of aluminum, other suspension and its mounting system, retuned power units (altogether new for the "Range" diesel V6) - all it promised a breakthrough in road performance. Declaring a desperate war compromise, Land Rover has achieved fantastic results - now RR rides where you could not before, and as before dreamed of. Now trending fitness, diet and yoga - apparently this had to do our four-wheel representative of the English elite. The SUV is not just looks more slim and athletic - he has really become easier. The use of modern materials has reduced the weight of the body 300 pounds. But if we are talking about the version with a diesel V6, then you can subtract another 120 kg by weight of the predecessor (though the one under the hood were two more cylinders). And this is the best way affected the dynamics! Move the front suspension in 597 mm and the new configuration of the intake system, allowing to overcome the Ford depth of 90 cm, make a dapper dandy in the present colonizer tropical jungle, if sir wish. Well, if sir in red moccasins wish to enter the turns sideways and in this discipline, the progress is obvious. A new suspension system (pneumatic components) when taking corners capable of little wonders, under the watchful supervision of Dynamic Response she struggles with rolls, and with the buildup and ruts helps to manage the dynamic stability of the Adaptive Dynamics.

It is obvious that The-All-New - and new engines. In addition to a three-liter turbodiesel V6 migrated from brother Discovery already familiar turbodiesel V8 of 4.4 L (339 HP/700nm) and petrol V8 5.0 L Supercharged (510 HP/nm) in the best traditions of the brotherhood of Consumerist become more powerful, more economical and more environmentally friendly. In addition, all motors are aggregated with 8-speed automatic ZF gearbox. Increase capacity and horsepower insignificant, and it makes even more incredible dynamic performance. Despite any assumptions the most frugal diesel (258 HP) gives as much as 600 Nm of torque - enough to disperse the RR to a hundred in just 7.9 seconds. Senior diesel makes it one second faster and compressor flagship destroys the consciousness fantastic for 5.4 seconds to hundreds. It seems that James bond now will be the new car chases!

In order to understand what constitutes a new British land battleship fleet, enough to ride on it only through the desert, rocky roads, mouths of rivers, mountain roads and highways. All this is in Morocco in huge quantities. The test sand dunes was not something difficult for RR - get caught up in the silicon dioxide even on road tyres is possible only due to his own mistakes. So, martial Defender had a chance to rescue the unlucky colleagues a couple of times. And to do stupid things on a powerful four-wheel-drive monsters really want to! To rip the dunes at full speed and to scatter the clouds of sand is real fun. Well, if the result is not too deliberate maneuvers the car helplessly hung on the unsteady lift luck, as well as an army of gentlemen Newtons were always on my side.


Due to the electronic Terrain Response system II (she recognizes the type of road surface, by reading the information 100 times per second) the suspension setup, center differential, transmission and engine optimized for any aggregate state of the element: the dirt is wet, the mud was cold and the mud dried up. However, the type of surface you can select the range: General, Grass/Gravel/Snow (grass/gravel/snow, Mud/Ruts (mud/rut), Sand (sand and Rock Crawl (slow motion on the rocks). Coupled mode enabled LOW, the car turns into a formidable SUV, which no off-road is not terrible! The only thing that, perhaps, the driver should do before any challenging trails is to confess the superiority of the car above human abilities. Prim English system is much smarter than the stone of the jungle, so as not to disturb her - that is the Supreme achievement presumptuous, sir.Ride on the rocks - a dubious pleasure. Here I was more concerned about the safety of tires and wheels, not the throughput. A small 15-minute route turned into a tiring and tedious process, more like a shake, but this is the case, when humanist principles and just feelings of pity wanted to take on Board all the guys from accompanying us Defender. The comfort level of the new Range Rover in any, even the most stress is incredibly high, and coming to some kind of absolute value, if the coating under the wheels can be called solid. As soon as the car pulled onto a paved space, feel like a prisoner of bliss and luxury. Monotonous grunt of a diesel engine - and others - with great difficulty and huge losses barely "reach out" to the cabin, lost in a tricky structure of soundproofing. In the case of a compressor eight even want the car became more vociferous, though there was a lack of roar a few offsets the rich sound of the supercharger at high rpm. While all of these notes can not hear, because the delight of hearing here is something else.


The representative of Meridian (by the way, their systems are also set for Jaguar and McLaren) Graham Landik the presentation of the new RR is very modest, almost intimate tone said that they are the best in its class. And make it sound convincing, the guys needed to install 29 speakers (including subwoofer) with a total capacity of 1700 watts. Now the buyer of the precious SUV will be able to understand why Elton John and bill gates chose this brand for home use (perhaps it is even cheaper). Even without good hearing, not to appreciate the efforts of English professionals is very difficult - so sounds great orchestra pit, whether it is a DVD-audio or simply MP3 player.

However, the asphalt and the Range Rover is too trivial pair. Another thing - the bed of the river with huge boulders instead of the road and a wading depth of two feet. The situation when a car with a luxurious interior and Hi-End acoustics suddenly for no apparent reason decides to dive into the water on the side of the glass, is called abstraction. Throughout the route I had those fantastic memories, when I was riding in Thailand elephant trekking on the slopes of mountains and bodies of water. It turns out that there are ways more exotic and more comfortable. In some places the bottom of the river was so insidious that fear for the integrity of the SUV reached the dramatic tension. Particularly the strain on my nervous system has increased after realizing that I'm not on the route and the river is attacking something quite surly. Fortunately, compared with its predecessor, the feedback from the wheels to the steering wheel comes much more, allowing you to accurately adjust the direction even without special circuitry on the display. Pass the treacherous track managed not only without loss, but with the acquisition - incredible respect to off-road all-wheel drive abilities of the British.


However, to break into the open was a perfect repose. Then primer and rocky roads were something so ordinary that even shaking as in a washing machine during the spin cycle could not detract from the magnificent scenery, so amazingly different from all the ones we've seen before. Climbing higher into the mountains on narrow winding roads, we found ourselves in a fabulous location. Moss-covered giant grey boulders and rare trees, low lush green grass, mist, dissolving everything in lactic haze is least associated with Africa, rather with the Scottish mountains and great guys, issuing a little sad tunes on the bagpipes. It was all too like a dream, where the impossible and incredible, it was so natural and evident: sparkling silver Range Rover graceful conquers sand dunes, fearlessly overcomes a deep Ford, nimbly climbs the mountains and rapidly - like a real supercar becomes a point on a highway under the juicy sound of the V8 compressor. And all this with grace and superiority inherent to the agent with a serial number 007. But if it's for the best bond can be argued, then the answer is obvious: this Range Rover is the best of all possible!