Nissan Will Release A Competitor To Vw Golf In A Year

Nissan Will Release A Competitor To Vw Golf In A Year

Nissan will resume the attack on the European segment "C" in the following year. In future competitors five-door hatchback is credited not only the best-selling Ford Focus, but also a trendsetter VW Golf. Buyers in Nissan plan to attract provocative design and a new level of quality.


That Nissan could build on one of its European plants production of a new hatchback segment "C", it became known last fall. Then it was planned that the main competitor of the new items will be Ford Focus, but now the head of Nissan's global planning Andy Palmer said that the developers are on the VW Golf.


As reported by Palmer edition of Auto Express, the new Nissan will be able to compete with the German hatchback in the dynamics, and the level of tactile sensations in the interior. However, he noted that the main asset of a Japanese hatchback will be more emotional body design. Most likely, he will be executed in the same style as the concept car Invitation, which became the prototype of the new generation Nissan Note.

In addition, it became known that the novelty will receive a custom name that is not present in the current lineup of Nissan. According to Palmer, it will have to recall some of the pages in the history of Nissan. Thus, manufacturers are planning to revive the once-famous name. In the same way already passed the Ford, showing in Shanghai new generation Escort.