Range Rover Will Not Put On The Conveyor Evoque Convertible

Range Rover Will Not Put On The Conveyor Evoque Convertible

The emergence of such a prestigious models open version is more than logical. Agree with this and potential buyers, and experts - but not the leadership of the British brand.


Marketers Land Rover seriously pondered and discussed the possibility of launching into a series of convertible Evoque. No wonder last year at the Geneva motor show, the British showed the finished car. Officially it was called a concept car, but the car was created explicitly with a view to mass production. The company's engineers have confirmed that in case of a positive decision of the management to put the car on the conveyor can in a few months.


Like many other similar machines on display in Geneva outdoor SUV was intended to be a kind of litmus test - the reaction of the public, the manufacturer wanted to get an idea of how big will be the demand for serial convertible. According to the information portal Autoevolution, the public response was more than positive. The official reason for the refusal to start the machine into production was the lack of stylistic continuity" - say, a family trait Evoque is low roofline, which for obvious reasons will not work implement cabriolet. However, there is an unofficial version: trunk volume at the open version would be humiliating small.

Thus, buyers will have to be content with a panoramic glass roof. And saved money in the end Land Rover can invest in the development of a new generation Defender models.