School Instructor Bmw Has Set A New World Record Drift

School Instructor Bmw Has Set A New World Record Drift

BMW not only keep their word, but also surpass its promises. Instructor signature driving school, driving BMW M5, broke the world record for continuous drift. Shows the result exceeded by almost 30%.

The previous record for continuous movement in a controlled drift belonged to the Lebanese Abdo Feghali. In February of this year he kept Chevrolet Camaro SS drift at a distance of just over 11 km. American experts on the drive side in the early spring promised to enlarge or reduce the record, stating that for the BMW M5 and 50 kilometers is not the limit, the only question in rubber.


However, tires are Continental ContiSport and American athlete named Joan Schwartz was proof enough to last much longer than promised. On a round track BMW Performance Center in South Carolina they drove in a controlled drift 82.5 km is now the new world record for the longest drift. In total, the pilot of the "wound" on the highway 322 of the circle.

In BMW emphasize that to establish a new record completely unused production BMW M5. However, the track to facilitate sliding from time to time were watered.

BMW M5 is equipped with a 4.4-liter turbo V8 engine with 560 horsepower. Up to 100 km/h in such a sedan accelerates in 4.4 seconds.