Seat Leon Prepared For Touring Car Racing

Seat Leon Prepared For Touring Car Racing

Austrian tuning the Worthersee festival, dedicated to the vehicles of the Volkswagen group, will be the site of the premiere racing Seat Leon new generation. Prepared for track racing Seat Leon Cup Racer received a five-door body and a 330-HP engine.


Track hatchback has already been called "Motorsport showcase the brand". Seat has officially stated that with serial "Leon" modification Cup Racer has quite a bit in common. The list is exhausted completely led optics and roof line. However, despite major changes in the design, Seat Leon has not lost its corporate identity.


Racing Leon is not only aggressive bodykit, 18-inch wheels and developed aerodynamic elements, but increased to 400 mm gauge. In the interior of the hatchback applied sports chair with a system to protect the neck and multifunctional steering wheel, and place the dashboard took a large monitor. In addition, the salon Leon Cup Racer is maximally simplified. However, part of the weight savings compensated integrated safety cage.

The novelty has supplied two-liter turbo engine developing 330 HP and 350 Nm. But the gearbox can be selected. The basic version of track Seat Leon is equipped with a 6-speed DSG and electronically controlled differential. However, the hatchback can be provided and sequential gearbox, and differential with mechanical lock. If the first option is estimated at us $ 70,000, the second is already at 25 000 more expensive.


In Seat believe that this Leon is suitable for a wide range of events - from the European touring car championship to endurance races like the 24 hours of nürburgring". Motorsport enthusiasts will be able to purchase a track modification hatchback next year. Meanwhile, in the Seat promises to do another version for the world touring car championship - it will get more compact 1.6-liter engine.