The First Instance Of The New Chevrolet Corvette At A Cost Of $ 1 Million

The First Instance Of The New Chevrolet Corvette At A Cost Of $ 1 Million

Abroad widespread practice of selling the first copy of the new model at auction. However, the same destiny awaits, as a rule, unique, exclusive, or just very expensive cars. For example, the first instance of Chevrolet Corvette, the day after the premiere was sold at auction Barrett-Jackson. Machine cost the buyer to 1.1 million dollars.


The car debuted at the auto show in Detroit. After the world premiere of the car, it was decided to auction Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale in the United States. After bidding a brand new Corvette Stingray with the VIN number 0001 got businessman and NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick, who laid out for the car 1.05 million dollars. It is also known that Hendrik has posted another million dollars for racing Chevrolet Corvette L-88 Owens/Corning 1968. 600-horsepower car is one of the leaders in the number of victories in the sport.


The money for the car, will go to help the College of creative studies of Detroit, one of the key educational institutions in the field of industrial and automotive design.

In addition to the latest Corvette Stingray, the company also auctioned another four cars Chevrolet brand. Including the Chevrolet Corvette 1958, which was owned personally by the head of General Motors, the Dan Akerson. This car was sold under the hammer for 270 thousand dollars. Money will also be directed to charity.


At the auction were sold convertible COPO Camaro, the last of 69 cars for drag racing, built in 2012, (400 thousand dollars), the open version of Camaro ZL1, the first off the Assembly line when you start the car in serial production (150 thousand dollars) and supercar Corvette 427 Convertible Collector Edition (270 thousand dollars), owned by local celebrity guy Fieri. Total proceeds for all lots, amounted to 2.14 million dollars.

Recall that the first copy of the new generation SRT Viper (formerly the Dodge Viper) was also put up for auction Barrett-Jackson immediately after the premiere last year. However, for this supercar managed to gain only 300 thousand dollars.