The New Generation Tata Nano Plan To Collect In Romania

The New Generation Tata Nano Plan To Collect In Romania

According to European press reports, the Indian company Tata willing to spend up to a billion euros for the organization of own production in Europe. The basis for it should be a plant in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, which were previously owned by Nokia.


European sales of the famous small car Tata Nano were supposed to start last year. But such a dramatic event had to be postponed due to the rapid fall in demand in India: the world's leading managers had to focus all their efforts on increasing sales in the home market. But in global context Europe still has an important place: it's so important that, to avoid import duties Tata is ready to establish production in the EU territory.


According to preliminary calculations, the factory in Cluj-Napoca will be able to work up to 5 000 people, which among other things will assemble trucks and buses. However, more importantly the public's attention is riveted on the production (and prices) Nano models. It is expected that the pipeline will go a new generation subcompact that looks like the Megapixel concept (pictured) shown a year ago in Geneva.