The New Generation Vw Golf Got Four Wheel Drive Versions

The New Generation Vw Golf Got Four Wheel Drive Versions

Marketers German company in no hurry to bring to market new versions of its best-selling. Here and familiar all-wheel drive 4Motion will - at least initially - to cross with only two of the five currently available engines.


The "heart" of all-wheel drive system remains the Haldex coupling, but we are talking about the new node (fifth) generation. One of the advantages of call increased speed torque vectoring with a sharp change in the characteristics of the road surface.


Basic system configuration remained the same: always, even in the most favorable road conditions albeit very small fraction of time, but is passed over the rear axle, and in difficult situations may be distributed equally between the axles. Innovation is an electronic simulation of differential lock on both axles. The VW specialists also note that the AWD system weighs half a kilogram less than the previous generation Golf. With four-wheel drive at the moment you can only make cars with diesel engines with a capacity of 105 and 150 HP The system is options, which will cost German buyers at 1 800 euros.