The Whole World Saw How It Will Look Like A New Model Bmw

The Whole World Saw How It Will Look Like A New Model Bmw

The Shanghai motor show will be the premiere of the new place "off-road coupe" from Bavaria, which has an index X4. However, the appearance of the concept has ceased to be a secret: photos of "little brother" is well-known models X6 published by the German manufacturer.


Officially BMW will present a concept car named X4, but for anybody not a secret that goes to Shanghai so-called "pre-production prototype". This means that the "commodity" cars that will appear in showrooms BMW dealers, and if will differ from Shanghai debut, except that minor details. However, on the way to the end consumer novelty, most likely, will lose large wheels and acquire the bumper more traditional shapes.


BMW X4 was born in the same way as the coupe, the 4 series - he "spun off" from family X3; in fact it is X3, received along with the new body style and a new "name". According to the head of BMW Norbert Reithofer, the novelty has a length of about 4 meters 65 inches, and under the hood of cars will be different versions of jet engines - both petrol and diesel.


However, it is unlikely the new crossover will receive some unique engines. Most likely, the engine range will be the same as that of the X3 - and this means that "crossover coupe" will have power units with capacity up to 306 horsepower. More specific information Bavarians promised to share closer to the premiere, which is scheduled for April 19.

Manufacture and sale of BMW X4 will start next year.