Tuners From Company Shelby Undertook The Revision Of The Tricks

Tuners From Company Shelby Undertook The Revision Of The Tricks

The company Shelby's famous "charged" versions of the Ford Mustang sports car, drew attention to the Ford Focus hatchback is true, in his hot hypostases ST. At the exhibition in Detroit, the Americans presented a package of improvements for the popular hot hatch.


Interestingly, when a huge experience boost engines to work with the power unit Focus ST in the "Shelby" did not, limiting the modification of other systems. In particular, the hatchback has received a new exterior parts - carbon fiber hood, a new rear spoiler and a modified grille. In addition, the Focus ST has supplied more stiffer suspension with a reduced clearance, other wheels, a more powerful braking system and release from the company Borla.


In addition to Shelby has developed a range of label on the body, with which the buyer can arrange a car to your liking, and also created a certain amount of sports accessories for the interior. His work tuners estimated at 14 995 dollars, which is about half the price of the Focus ST hatchback in the US. It is planned to sell only 500 presented in Detroit sets.


Presented by Shelby in Detroit and another work - aerodynamic package for the most powerful version of the Mustang GT500 Super Snake. Fender flares, included in the package, allow you to install on the rear axle wheels with tire widths up to 13 inches.