Volvo C70 Dear Roof

Volvo C70 Dear Roof

While the country is freezing, we decided to recall the beautiful autumn days. When birds flew South, the leaves fell, and the snow has not even smell. Back in October had a few weeks to be with the handsome Volvo C70 convertible. Remember a lot of things, and to let the machine did not want to.


Cold approaching, the wind was getting angrier and greens vanished rapidly. From week to week, one can trace the changes in the weather and with it a fleet of capital. From the streets reluctantly, but still disappeared lightweight summer cars. The first to flee the city cabriolets with a fabric top. Them in Moscow, and so little, and then disappearing altogether. Then settled in garages with low sports and semi-sports car - where they salt the porridge first rain of snow to roll around yeah get stuck. There is not each "SUV" will be fine. In this transitional period of our editorial Board to the test went, it would seem quite a summer car - the Volvo C70.


The convertible hardtop, which independently develops in 30 seconds, with a raised ride is no different from ordinary cars. Only slightly stretched body shape and the two wide doors implying that it is not just the coupe. Because not summer weather very often had to drive with the top up. The feeling of incompleteness or lack of something was not quite - normal low sedan. The lounge offers plenty of room, that's amazing. Sit, of course, is low, all the usual sedans seem to be much higher, but how much space around. It seems that you can stretch out her hands to do exercises. But we must remember that these unnoticed workout will not. The middle rack of the machine there, so anyone looks into the interior of the car as in the aquarium. Outsiders will not be difficult to see all of its contents, until the packages in the back seat.

Praise salon chairs can be infinite, as the fault here is not just what. The convenience of the driver and passengers in the Volvo has always put in the first place, so I sit like a glove - front and nothing behind. Only probably less - reach for the seat belt has almost through Poliana - so far "left" design. Closer - not the most complex and expensive site - there would have been at the time. Would not hurt and "air scarf" - blowout neck warm air; for convertibles in recent times he has become the norm. All other necessary configuration, support and heated seats the car is.