Third, Gmail Sponsored Promotions GSP are a great way to target complementary products that go hand-in-hand with what you offer. Our familiarity with a company or product plays an enormous role in how our brain reacts to it. At stage 1, a company would have been much more likely to make a sale by telling me about gym equipment great for people with bad backs and telling me stories about users who had helped improve their back problems. Yeah it definitely takes more time. In fact, you can create up to 2, different remarketing audiences within your account.

Google also maintains that their studies show incremental growth figures for accounts utilizing RLSA. Within conversion rate optimization circles, people are scrambling for ways to separate traffic into different buckets to market to. Example People looking for running shoes visit a sports apparel website to check out the available styles, and look at the shoe section of the site. People who have already bought from you, whether lead gen, SaaS, or eCommerce, are perfect potentials to buy even more. And without all the fancy things that eCommerce marketers can do when it comes to retargeting, this specific case study had some very interesting results. People looking for running shoes visit a sports apparel website to check out the available styles, and look at the shoe section of the site.

As the brand does not have bricks and mortar stores, online marketing is a natural fit.

It then used these lists to re-engage visitors who left but didn’t book, serving tailored ads that referenced the months they were interested in. They then used Dynamic Remarketing where they connected their Google Shopping cawe to create product carousel ads from specific product pages the visitor was on. According to a survey of over 72 Stuvy customers shopping on 86 retail sites, marketing…. I prefer to double up my Campaigns as shown in the image below and then set bids based upon performance rather than use broad adjustments.


Google RLSA – Digital Marketing Case Studies

New research shows how brands can win travel micro-moments. We used Google Czse to determine if this growth was coming at the expense of organic traffic, and we found there was little to no cannibalisation happening — this was almost entirely incremental revenue.

This bid strategy will be dependent on how you intend to structure RLSA campaigns within your account. Here are some quick stats:.

Case Study: How Should You Be Using RLSAs?

Once the remarketing tag is added to your site, you can add the remarketing list to your existing campaigns and ad groups, and raise and lower your bids for customers on the remarketing list. Target old customers to re-engage.

Help Center Community Announcements. Starwood Hotels noticed that many of its website visitors would browse through hotel amenities and use its booking calendar—but then leave without booking a room. More Work Raising awareness of reed. Payment methods and settings Basic billing tasks Promotions and coupons Refunds and adjustments Taxes Issues with payments and charges.

About remarketing lists for search ads – Google Ads Help

Now I just have to figure out how to implement the suggestions. We wanted to improve coverage and order volume on product-specific queries, and tap into valuable keywords we had not had coverage on in the past. Alongside tailored ad copy, RLSAs give you options for bidding more optimally.

rlsa case study

Starwood Hotels wanted to stay top of mind with loyal site visitors when they go online to find hotel rooms. If you think this article’s good, you should subscribe to our part gifographic series to receive a new one in your inbox every day.

rlsa case study

To learn more, read About remarketing lists. Tailored ad text is potentially huge. An example of how RLSA might be set up.

rlsa case study

To do so, they reached out to Merchenta a retargeting software company to help get more website visitors into their local Mazda dealerships by way of some smart PPC ads. This activity produced performance improvements in click-through rate, conversion rate and conversion value. Countdown timers worked best here, but make sure you that if you use this tactic, you actually have an offer that ends.


RLSAs allow us to take advantage of this. You have two options: I tend to specialise in higher ticket items so I follow a process of relationship building towards the sale A lot of offline methods duplicated in an automated online environment, so it can tend to be a longer game plan but with more focused and eager leads when they hit the offer: Inside your Google Analytics account, you can slice and dice your audiences in different ways with the data there.

A remarketing list for Google search ads needs to have a minimum number of 1, cookies before the list can be used to tailor your search ads. The list membership limit for these lists is capped at days.

Set the retargeting pixel to expire days or greater if you plan on running retargeting campaigns to bring past buyers back. Once the tags were in place, they instantly started creating lists based on what they knew about previous site visitors. Read the case study available in English only.

Remarketing lists for search ads RLSA is an AdWords feature that enabled iCrossing to customise the search campaigns to users who had previously visited the Virgin Experience Days site by automatically tailoring bids and ads to these visitors when they searched on Google. People looking for running shoes visit a sports apparel website to check out the available styles, and look at the shoe section of the site.