Create your own flipbook. Our company name inspired from the meaning of Violet itself which is, imagination and spirituality. If any partners have borrowed any money or assets, payback or recovery must be made in one month from the date borrowed without any interest. The company narrowed its focus only on families and social class from middle and high group income. Stamp Pad 2 7. In three years in future, we have always believe that our business will be expended inPeninsular Malaysia.

Contact Us name Please enter your name. Professional Business Plan from , If working days per month are 26 days, the daily production rate: According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the number of population in the Kluang area is approximately , peoples. Writing business plan for you dry cleaning services or laundry shop will be simple and easy if discussed as chapters. Furthermore, two of the established shopping complex that is Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall are situated in Melaka.

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Furthermore, samlle office is also located in the plantation area thus makes it easy for the customer to purchase the product and get the banana immediately. The graph show that Platanos Enterprise is able to repay our obligations since the percentage is decreases by years.

The difference between our company and the competitors that we provide anything that customer wanted us to make. But, if we use our service businexs is sending the bananas to the customer, we will charge for the delivery costs. Because of this positive development, we find ourselves interested in getting involved in the business sector. In our business, we use chase strategy to yields optimum return. The net profits of the partnership shall be divided equally between the partners andthe net losses shall be borne equally by them.


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We expected to increase the security of the plantation by increasing the regular checking time. Since Platanos, did not have any safety stock since we do banana plantation, thus there is no inventory turnover since every raw material we used for each stages of the banana plantation. The business plan contain the important aspect for the venture new business, which had the business plan profile and organizational goals that had administration plan, marketing plan, operational plan, financial plan.

Thus, we see the potential for our product to penetrate into the market and make the goal of our business into reality. We also charge discount on the customers that be a part of the membership of Violet The Carpenter.

Signatures of the persons above-named as directors or proposed directors or of their agents authorized in writing Date: The method that we are using to promote our product is through: It is the most crucial aspect of the business plan and involve the calculation of the total project cost, ENTBusinessPlan Technology Computing – Scribdv.

Expert in Microsoft Office and able to solve problem under pressure. So we take this opportunity to bring out our name, which is Violet The Carpenter.

Below are some of the main purposeof our business plan 1 Serve as a legal document that act as a guide to the owner, investors supplier rs, customers, and our business partner. The partners will distribute profit according to capital distribution. It is because it has highly demand because there are many brand of bread and pastry that can caught attention of people from its uniqueness.

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Chopping the palette woods using the saw according to the measurement required and based on the design provided. To be main bananas supplier in this country. First of all, they are extremely cheap.


It can reduce the transportation cost to get our raw materials from the supplier. We also would like to thank our beloved lecturer, Sir Al Bakri Mohamed because he such agreat helper to us from the start until end.

sample of business plan ent300

Persons to whom option or right to option was given or, 5. We also wanted to help our Malay people in that area as we sold the bananas cheaper than our competitor. If smple partners have borrowed any money or assets, payback or recovery must be made in one month from the date borrowed without any interest. By doingthis,our food can penetrate the food consuming trend not only by the Malays but alsosuitable for others race as everyone can accept the food to be their daily consumers.

Violet The Carpenter is a new business in oof existing market. The close members of the family upon the entire death partner sharecan make the transmission of the state. We register our business on 1 December That is why before setting up any business, we must first consider the location that we choose to start a business. First at all, thanks to the Almighty for giving busniess the opportunity to complete this business plan for Milk Moment.

Branding We choose Busineess The Carpenter as our branding where it represent ourselves behind the meaning of violet itself. Thank you because they had sacrificedmany things so that this proposal can be done successfully. Business Plan Pro offers.