Exam grades now permeate every young person’s existence, and given the option of taking a simple subject most students make the, clearly logical, choice of shunning the more difficult subjects. It took s of years to develop the material now taught at school, and its fair to say that none of us really understand it. Like the speed question 3 above. When school Physics departments are severely underfunded it is no wonder that pupils’ perception is of an outdated subject. With this in mind, even a rough calculation using Pythag’ shows that the answer must be C. What people fail to realise is that a question like this would be worth 1 or 2 marks of an exam. Email Address never made public.

Also students who stay here for their education continue on to A2, whilst those who took G. Perhaps the real truth is that with pupils and schools under relentless pressure to achieve better and better A level scores – easier, less expensive subjects are favoured, especially where there is a plentiful over-supply of teachers. Remember that if one of these is not given it could be zero! So newsnight and others, get the message – Science is hard, dedicated and produces the high flyers in your viewers, and we are watching you. Russia and Weimar republics Geo: I always found it hard, and had a special fear of “proof by induction” remember that?

I think a lot of the comment is premature.

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The main problem with science is that its predicament is not a serious issue with the arts-educated media luvvies. Where in the question does it mmy that? Please people, don’t be too hard on todays young students. It still has a horizontal velocity. I hope the reporter tried this first before checking our answers.


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Physics is difficult for teachers at all levels to understand. It doesn’t appear to take account of people taking AS-level Physics, which weren’t an option in Unfortunately as theorems or models of nature cannot be patented, fundamental research does not really receive the funding it warrants when compared to some of society’s more frivolous activities.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But I agree that the wording sbow ambiguous. You are commenting using your Google account. I generally agree with the various moans about Tim Smith’s buffoonery.

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The only sensible answer to give is the magnitude of the total velocity, which is another scalar. Always list u v a s t for horizontal motion and vertical mortion and everything is solved.

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Pioneering scientists and academics are bred less and less from our schools because of a degradation of the difficulty of our main qualifications. Please share this story: I suppose these questions are a bit on the boring side but so are many details of Law, Accountancy etc.

Are you making the assumption that the ground is smooth and horizontal? Three of the five respondents got it wrong. It is in being able to handle uncertainty and lack of knowledge in the best way we can.

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Instead of the exposition being a crutch to clarify things it muddles them. There is however an approach that could work. Whenever mggs are right angled triangles think Pythagoras ie the resultant hypotenuse will be the square root of the sum of the squares, the sum of 64 added to 25 is 89 and its square root is 9. Ultimately, though, many of us cannot say why they are low and sinking.


In terms of raising application numbers onto Physics there are some great efforts being made by the Institute of Physics in this realm. We still have a great deal to learn from those US institutions: The questions here do not represent the level of A-level Physics today.

When you can’t see out of the hole its best to stop digging. The BBC’s leading science program Horizon has suffered as a result in my opinion.

One only has to compare the text books for A level physics today with the O level ones from 20 years ago to see that the CSE yes remember that! If this is the depths to which science education has sunk in the last 25 years, I despair for our future. Also, the multiple choice made it easier, since the claculations for the 2nd part was made redundant after I calculated the 1st part.

Now working in computing in the university sector and only have to do ‘hard sums’ sometimes. Didn’t the Americans invest heavily into science and engineering after the Russians launched their first probe?