Obviously, we highly recommend the strategic tax planning be done in advance to ensure that the end result is in the best interest of the client – not only for the current year, but for future years, as well. It is a clear conclusion from the evidence that, not only was no such testing done, neither Life Choice or Dr. Previous Post Next Post. How can it be that the Act requires the claimant to demonstrate an advancement through EITHER experimentation OR analysis, but according to this ruling, testing is always mandatory? For reasons involving privacy and confidentiality, we cannot disclose specific measures as they applied to our clients.

But the firm was not in a position to pay for the testing. A telecommunications company requests and receives its tax credits faster, while avoiding an uncomfortable situation. Formulating hypotheses, adopting a scientific method, and documenting progress. To qualify, you need to be doing one of three things: Previous Post Next Post.

In this case, it is clear that the claimant did not arrive at scientific advancement through experimentation but rather via analysis.

sr&ed case study

Why is it that one Tax Court Judge can accept the credible testimony of a witness as evidence of systematic investigation, but another judge requires written documentation that is not even intrinsic or naturally occurring for the project in question? Now it was time to get down to business!

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The focus of this article is to highlight one tax credit program in particular: Joe agreed to the terms and signed the proposal. Experimental Development cases clearly need to demonstrate experimentation, but do Scientific Research cases need to demonstrate physical experimentation? Toronto Website design by c-Seven. With a couple of parameter changes, their tool will give us our target improvement.


Having their own internal claiming processes to save money, many tax credits were simply not claimed due to lack of knowledge that certain projects made them eligible for these credits. This creates massive uncertainty and can cost the company hundreds of thousands. The Claimant argued that analysis was conducted, however, mostly within the mind of the researcher.

Formulating hypotheses, adopting a scientific method, and documenting progress.

Bond Consulting Group Inc. An integral part to calculating the extent of your eligible expenses is to track your time. Canadians deserve a better tax system Taxes and Canadians: Work in teams and win cash for creative ideas.

When the small company added up the staff time required, the back and forth during audits, and the costs of filing claims, applying for the credits no longer made any economic sense.

SR&ED process dampens ambitions and innovation

It is not even known if there was any or no ability of casw originally formulated principal ingredients in Projects sr&rd and 3 to mimic the existing pharmaceuticals, since Life Choice reformulated to use the existing chemical pharmaceutical as soon as Health Canada allowed it to be used in a licensed natural health product. On January 31st,the Honourable Justice Patrick Boyle rendered a decision on Docket IT I This case has to do with the development of natural health product formulations.

A multinational company in the wood processing industry failed in its attempt to obtain tax credits.

sr&ed case study

The Judge is also relying sr&ec a precedent that was derived from a case involving a highly sophisticated engineering firm that had the ability to maintain large volumes of technical records.

Was there technological uncertainty? Joe runs a successful business that manufactures a variety of bread and pastries which are distributed throughout Ontario. Notice that eligibility criteria does not depend on success.


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For a growing company, it can be even harder because you have short-term obligations e. Case 1 A large Canadian company with more than 30 mineral processing plants discovers sr&ec recovers tax credits to which they were entitled for the past…15 years.

Can CRA dictate the types of analysis that are deemed eligible, when those types and methods of analysis are not clearly defined in the Act?

sr&ed case study

Tax credit rates vary depending on two main factors: Dahl ever intended to do any as part of these Projects. If this project has been validated in the past, to a point where it is commonplace in your industry, there is low probability of eligibility. A large Canadian company with more than 30 mineral processing plants discovers and recovers tax credits to srr&ed they were entitled for the past…15 years.

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We hired her, and she is now redeveloping their algorithm for our application. A small company in the IT industry loses its financing and must caxe its doors.

This represents an unfair burden for the Natural Health Product industry. The Claimant in this case was practically a one-man-show.

Case 2 Sr&&ed medium-sized company in the electronics and aerospace industry recovers millions of dollars in tax credits that were not claimed over the past 20 years. Names and places have been changed to protect privacy and sensitive financial information.