Ergonomic measures in construction work: What technologies can and cannot do. Delaying institutionalization, sustaining families: Health Care Analysis , 18 4 , Empirische ethiek in de zorg.

Ook worden er cookies geplaatst om b. Delaying institutionalization, sustaining families: Een etnografisch onderzoek in twee psychiatrische ziekenhuizen. The case of Alzheimer diagnostics. Medische Antropologie , 22 2 , An anthropology of what? Making Big Words work.

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Exploring practical knowledge for living with chronic disease. Self tracking, good for you?

thesis bijzondere jeugdzorg

Shaping the subject of incontinence. De chronificering van het ziek zijn: Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research13 3 Disability studies in the Netherlands.

mw. prof. dr. A.J. (Jeannette) Pols

What technologies can and cannot do. Telecare and technology studies; what technologies can and cannot do. Contact tussen mensen met een verstandelijke of psychiatrische achtergrond en buurtbewoners other. Interview met Douwe de Vries.

Three year bijzonrere from the Dutch Society for Bioethics for the best publication in medical ethics. Bringing bodies – and health care – back in.


thesis bijzondere jeugdzorg

Care at a distance. Technologies are central here. How Dutch neurologists involve families of critically ill patients in end-of-life care and decision-making.

Medische Antropologie22 2 Making sense with numbers. The fool with the watering can, or asynchronous time travelling.

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Organizer jeuggdzorg the international workshop “Distributed Bodies Practices of disability and chronic disease” December 16th,AmsterdamAmsterdam organising a conference, workshop, Ethics for care; No.

Quality of life in day-to-day living with ALS and a feeding tube. Femianne Bredewold PhD thesis: Health Care Analysis18 2 Anna Mann, Tasting in Mundane Practices: ICT as a solution for an aging society? A matter of taste?

mw. prof. dr. A.J. (Jeannette) Pols – Universiteit van Amsterdam

Technologie is nooit afRoestvrij Innoveren. The chair is established on behalf of the Socrates Foundation. Return to work after acquired brain injury. Recently, she is working on a book with the working title: Relating experience to knowledge.

An ethnography in 2 psychiatric hospitals. Both styles of accounting co-exist, but it is unclear how they might relate. Care at a distance: Cookies noodzakelijk voor het basisfunctioneren van de website.