Tech News and reviews from the world of gadgets, gear, apps and the web. Khor Ai Chia Experimental Ph. Skip to main content. Take a look at the list of field of research. This site uses cookies. After the meeting, I have thanks to prof and he had given me some task and explanation about the mindstorms for fyp This quotes is come from MATLAB website itself that guarantee that going to make my job easily by using this software.

D Intrenal 2 W. Those resources have heavily damage to environment and it became less available in recently year. Bahasa Melayu English UK. Ajisman Apen today 3pm at FKP electrical drive system laboratory. I am a person that works on objectives and outcomes, energetic and dependable, have sense of responsibilities, well-developed, enjoys learning new things, leads and team player, good at delegation of assignments and delivers job goals o Education Background:

Optocoupler of 4N35 will be used to prevent rapidly changing voltages on one side of the circuit from damaging components or distorting transmissions on the other Gate driver IC, IR will be used to generate voltage necessary to turn IGBT on and off from a logic output of microcontroller.

Abu Seman Estimating 0. Fuzzy Logic system is one of control system that using digital or discrete value in the system but act like human brain to analysis the analog input of non-linear systems which are uncertain and confusing information to get desired output after some setting to get information in indirect way or fuzzy set.

This will give you a list of prospective supervisors.

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The efficiency of silicon crystalline solar cell is It can deliver modules with positive tolerance form 0- 4. Man would giudeline be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death. I went to meet my teammates for Mechatronic Design System at By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


thesis guideline ump

Click on the PDF file and the details of supervisor will be appear. Early morning, I was awakening myself from late sleep last night and prepare myself for later have a meeting with my supervisor Assoc. PID controller can performs better either linear system or non-linear system and their transfer function are known. The starting of single-phase induction motor will separate the single-phase into two-phase by 90 degree only but three-phase induction motor is the self-starting motor.

Meeting start at 3pm in electrical drive system lab and i was late 3 min because i am doing ladder diagram in PLC and run ober her to listen to briefing. Scopus Oumer and P. Fuzzy Logic algorithms is dependent to input variables such as maximum power and generate the duty cycles to power MOSFET boosts desired output voltage. Posted in Front page Articles. It can be one of control systems in the linear system that the input can easy to collect when operation and able to adjust it desired output.

There are 7 students inside the class include double degree student and present their ideas and prof will do correction about them. PID system is a popular system to solve a lot of problem in industrial control, robotic system, vibrations system, electronic system and so many more applications.

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Abu Seman State of the art 1. What an honor for this discussion because it is one of valuable experiences to discuss with person who have highest education PHD in Nuclear Energy by one on one. There are four types of silicon crystalline solar cells which are single crystal, mulitcrystalline, ribbon, and silicon thin film Y. Solar module or Photovoltaic module is allowing light to pass while protecting the semiconductor guidelije by a sheet of transparent glass on the sun-facing side Wikipedian, Tech News and reviews from the world of gadgets, gear, apps and the web.


The induction motor can be controlled by pulse-width modulation PWM generated from microcontroller. After you have submitted the form online, you can monitor the application progress online when you login into the system.

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I still working out to understand the Fuzzy Logic. DC-DC boost converter acts like a charge controller where it is controlled by fuzzy logic controller. Nowadays, electric power plants have been using non-renewable resource such as fossil fuel, coal and natural gas to generate huge power electricity for industries and homes. Ministry of Education MOE. Bhagat Performance and Q1 polarization studies of the magnesium-antimony liquid metal battery with the use of in-situ reference electrode RSC Advances.


Guidelije resources have heavily damage to environment and it became less available in recently year. The solar module with fuzzy logic controller can supply DC output voltage to Voltage Source Inverter VSI which is electrical drive system that used to control induction motor speed by varying frequency and voltage.

After this, I went to my supervisor to discuss about Final Year Project.