The paraffin wax embedded tisssue specimens were sliced into very thin sections of 3—10 microns thick. These reporting schedules were least informative due to variability of sensitivity and least reproducibility. View at Google Scholar R. The mean size of the nodule was False positive and false negative results were shown in Table 4.

It is often used as the initial screening test for diagnosis of thyroid nodules [ 1 ]. While FNAC is the principal screening and triage procedure in the evaluation of palpable thyroid nodules, there is controversy as to whether this should be performed under ultrasound guidance or as a purely manual technique. This is in accordance with previous studies [ 7 , 13 ]. The minimum and maximum nodule size was two and cm three cms respectively. Solitary thyroid nodules were 4—9 times more common in females as compared to males [ 7 , 8 ].

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The Accuracy of Manual Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in the Evaluation of Thyroid Cancer

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. According to this study the sensitivity of Galectin-3was found to be Important factor for the satisfactory test includes representative specimen from the nodule and an experienced cytologist to interpret findings. This was fnnac prospective study conducted on 75 consecutive patients between January and December Inclusion criteria included clinically detected solitary thyroid nodule and euthyroid patients with normal thyroid function tests. Summary of false positive and false negative results of FNAC.


In total, 99 patients were recruited, the F: It has been htesis in different studies that CD44 and Galectin-3 can serve as prospective markers to spot and effectively pick malignant transformed thyrocytes preoperatively. All patients with clinically diagnosed solitary thyroid nodule who were clinically and biochemically ln were included for study. The result is consistent with a study of Raggio et al.

Amongst these, the most frequent one was papillary carcinoma and it was followed by follicular adenoma. Journal List Afr Health Sci v.

thesis on thyroid fnac

A drop of mounting agent canadian Balsam which had the same refractive index similar to that of glass was placed on the section and the preparation covered with a cover slip and allowed to dry. These can be improved partially by additional specific guidance and committed workshops on the use of Galectin-3 expression testing.

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The Purposive convenient sampling technique was used to complete this study in two years i. Adopting the above mentioned reporting system the inclusion criteria in our study were, the cytopathology categories IV, V and VI. The plunger was released to prevent aspiration of the material into the syringe.

Fischer S, Asa SL. Table 1 Social demographic characteristics of patients who underwent thyroidectomy at Mulago Hospital during the study period prospective arm.


We concluded that FNAC diagnosis of malignancy is highly significant and such patients should be subjected to surgery. The outcome of a study conducted in, shows that the immunohistochemical expression of Galectin-3 can serve as a highly specific marker of malignancy. FNAC is cost-effective, minimally invasive and highly accurate for investigating patients with thyroid cancer. The false positive rate was False positive and false negative results were shown in Table 4.

Duration of complaints ranged from six days to twenty years and mean duration was 1. After taking the consent of the patient, FNAC was done and two smears and a cellblock were prepared.

thesis on thyroid fnac

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Table of Contents Alerts. These findings give good preliminary data on performance of FNAC in thyroid disease in our setting.

In some studies, FNAC has been found to have a low accuracy for malignancy. Puncture of Goitres for aspiration biopsy. Solitary thyroid nodule is a common entity. After FNAC, all the patients were subjected to surgery after preoperative preparation and anaesthesia checkup.

The needle was removed from the nodule and syringe detached.