I,Syiffadyna binti Kamarudin admit that the research that had been done was made originally from us. SEM-contoh thesis kaj saintifik Anonymous February 8, at 5: Mannitol positive Staphyloccus aureus left and mannitol negative Staphyloccus epidermidis right. Characterisation and vapour sensing properties of spin coated thin films of an antharcene labeled PMMA polymer. No strain of S. After our group has done doing research, we conclude that anthracene based film are able to detect heavy metal ions without spending to many time and expenses.

The usage of these metals brings advantages to our daily routines. The mixture too about 45 minutes to dry completely. Waste of heavy metal which came out of such factories can pollute rivers. For our teammates, thanks for the teamwork and cooperation from each of you in completing this thesis. Surat Sah Thesis Contoh Documents. The picture below shows the reagent bottle containing heavy metal ion and the film before and after placed under fluorescent light.

thesis sample mrsm

The solution containing heavy metal ions gave out a fluorescent glow as an indicator for heavy metal ion presence. Therefore, the increased resistance of S. This is because the anthracene that was bind to the PMMA ionizes in the solution to bind with the heavy metal ions causing them to glow under the fluorescent lights. We observed smple the result of this drying method is more or less the same to the method of using an oven.

The antharcene based film is an easy, cheap and user friendly detector to detect the presence of heavy metal ions.


If a wound appears to be infected, see a health care provider.

thesis sample mrsm

However, further confirmation test need to be done to confirm the findings i. For instance, waste of heavy metal which came out of such factories can pollute rivers.

thesis sample mrsm

It causes a staph infection pronounced “staff infection” that is resistant thessi several common antibiotics. I,Anis Syafika binti Yusof admit that the research that had been done was made originally from us. Saya Puan Murni Wati binti Kamaruddin mengakui bahawa kajian ini adalahdaripada hasil sebenar pelajar.


Thats all from us. The hair dryer was held perpendicular to the petri dish containing the mixture to ensure that the movement of air is balanced throughout the surface of the mixture. Next we would like to give thanks to our beloved facilitators Cik Rumaisa binti Nordin and Cik Nurul Izni binti Abdullah Halid for their time, dedication, energy, valuable guidance and their kind facilitation towards the completion of this thesis.

The susceptibility rates to the antibiotics were as follows: So, here we must take care of our health. Thank you very much sincerely from our heart. In this drying method, the petri dish containing the mixture was left to dry in a dar drawer with a width sampld Zulhakim thexis Mohamad Salleh.

Heavy metal ions can cause harm to the human body when consumed. Use damp cotton buds to take samples from the nose the most active Staphylococcus aureus sxmple human skin of all subjects. Scientist had discovered the reason of the death and it comes from the hidden bacteria that infected in our body.


Thats tuesis from me, thank you.

To measure the nasal carriage of S. Leave the mixture to dry on the petri dish.

In our experiments, anthracene based film is able to detect the presence of heavy metal ions by exposing the solution containing heavy metal ions dipped with the film under fluorescent light which is cheaper and user friendly.

Norsuhaily bin Ali for his patience, guidance and continuous support to all our struggles till now.


Contoh Rphbbm Jrsm 5 Documents. Published on Nov View Download Susceptibility test was performed on S. After that, ml of water mixed with the powder and not too strong shake to combine.

Murni Wati binti Kamaruddin. MRSA was isolated from 17 patients 6. Heavy metal plays a very important role in the industrial economy.

Non-thesis seminar 3rd sem Documents. Pour 10ml DCM into the beaker containing the magnetic stirrer.