How do I submit my thesis? You will be sent a log-in password to enable you to access the Thesis Topic Database in Moodle. Students intending to carry out practical work are required to prepare or otherwise obtain a Risk Assessment for approval by their supervisor and by the Space Manager in whose space the work is to be done. To receive an exemption you must provide a request in writing and a copy of your undergraduate academic transcript as evidence of a completed undergraduate research project. This will be imposed according to rules approved by the AEC and will be done after consultation with the thesis supervisor. Students are required to submit their Interim Report to their supervisors in a below specified format in no more than 10 pages SPE format.

This will include all relevant information that you need to apply for a Thesis. Note that under normal circumstances discontinuation without failure is possible only up to the end of Week 4. Daming Zhang DZ33 Study on bidirectional battery charging system. Vassilios Agelidis VA6 Electricity network provatisiation and impact on prices, consumer services and associates benefits, if any. Please ensure you are always polite in your email. How do I find an academic advisor?

Daming Zhang DZ27 Study on power electronics for solar energy harnessing.

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Daming Zhang DZ22 Digital signal processing in power system protection and control. Tool for assessing capacity value of different generation technologies in power systems.

Even if the thesis is incomplete, it must be submitted. Measuring electrode distance above the spinal cord using measured compound action potential responses. As part of the Masters of Engineering Science program there is a Thesis requirement that needs to be met before graduation.


Thesis for loan You will be sent a log-in password to enable you to access the Thesis Topic Database in Moodle.

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In the months prior to commencing your thesis the school office will contact you with instructions on how to select a thesis topic and supervisor. Daming Zhang DZ41 Field – circuit analysis of planar transformer at medium frequency for converter application.

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Requests for Thesis withdrawal, suspension or extension should be made in writing to the Undergraduate Thesis Tyesis. Projects will be allocated based on student preferences and supervisor loads. With permission from the School, and consistent with Program rules, this course can be extended as MINE with significantly more comprehensive research and thesis.

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Toan Phung TP82 Inrush currents in power transformers. Daming Zhang DZ25 Study on digital protection using simulink.

4th year thesis and PG project

Andrea Morello AM2 Engineering microwave cavities for long distance coupling of spin qbits Andrea Morello AM5 Ultra-high fidelity spin qubit initialisation with digital feedback.

You should sign up for the moodle module just before the semester in which you intend to enrol: Be aware that the number of candidate unse available for some of these projects is quite limited. Daming Zhang DZ31 Power compensation and stability issues in public transmission lines.

Julien Epps JE26 Testing speech processing theories and models using direct experimental measurements of transfer functions with known glottal usw Julien Epps JE15 Signal processing in bioinformatics: Field – circuit analysis of planar unsq at medium frequency for converter application.


Vidhya Sethu VR51 Hazewatch: Note that under normal circumstances discontinuation without failure is possible only up to the end of Week 4.

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Francois Ladouceur LF24 Transient fault analysis. Project Nomination forms are on Moodle site.

Once you and your supervisor have agreed, you must complete and submit a Thesis Nomination Form details follow. A student who is permitted to withdraw without failure from Thesis Part A should re-enrol in the following Session with a new topic approval form.

Poster competition and work of previous winners. Please click on your school to find more information regarding your advanced thesis research project. Once a supervisor reaches their limit then students have to pick some other topic. Find your supervisor name and click the action box to become a member.

eeet How do I find a topic? There is a database with pre-existing topics and a supervisor database that lists their research interests. If you have any questions regarding your thesis, please make a post in the Moodle forum so that everyone can see the response from Tracie Barber. Supervisors have the right to void late registrations.